How to Fix Outlook Search Function Not Working?

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The Outlook search function is a search folder that integrates with the Windows search indexer. The outlook search, in simple terms, is an indexed search that allows the super-fast search results for your queries compared to the traditional search methods in Outlook. Therefore with this integration, the user will have access to the particular search commands and index to refine the user’s searches. There are special commands that can be clicked directly upon and searched directly. There are certain fields also that be clicked on and searched directly. There are specific commands and fields too that are not exposed to Outlook. For the commands and fields that are not directly exposed, the user will have to manually fill in the field name and then give the search command in Outlook through the windows search option outside Outlook.

How to Fix Outlook Search Function Not Working

The outlook search function is beneficial as it will help find all the data you need instantly. There are times when this function will not work correctly, and hence the user will not find his desired data. The error of the function of Outlook the information store cannot be opened will hamper your search and will not provide the desired result. Some steps given below will explain the way to solve this error:

Step 1: try to open Outlook in the safe mode

  • Go to the safe mode in Outlook
  • Now press on the windows key
  • Next, click on the enter Outlook safe key, which is in the open box
  • Now click on OK

Step 2: now is the time to go to select and deselect the compatibility mode open.

After deselecting the option of compatibility mode from Outlook this may fix the information store is unable to open.

  • Now open the folder of Outlook from the file explorer.
  • Next right click on the Outlook.exe
  • Then select the properties.
  • Now select on the compatibility tab
  • Now deselect the run program in the comp[atbilty mode
  • Check on the box.
  • Click apply
  • Now click on OK.

Step 3; after the above step, it’s time to fix the navigation pane in the file

Sometimes, the information store function error can also be there because of the corrupted navigation in the pane file. The user can fix this error by following this:

  • Click on the windows key
  • Next, press enters Outlook. Exe
  • Next, run open textbox
  • Press on the OK button.

Step 4: now is the time to fix the Outlook PST file. The error of searching can be done by following the simple steps:

  • First of all, open the file explorer by clicking on the windows key.
  • Then open the Outlook folder from the file explorer. This default folder will find its path for Outlook
  • Click on scanpst.exe
  • This will open the Outlook inbox repair tool
  • Next, click on the browse
  • Select an Outlook PST file.
  • Now click on start to enhance
  • Now select the repair option, If this scan detects an error.

Step 5; the following steps are for removing the lync from the start-up system. There are times when removing or leaving from lync will help solve the error outlook the information store cannot be opened.

  • Now, by just right-clicking on task-bar by selecting the task manager.
  • Now select the start-up button.
  • Now select lync
  • Click on details
  • Restart Windows after you have removed lync
  • Now launch Outlook.

Step 6: now clean all the reboot windows

  • First, clean all the reboot windows because there may be conflicting programs running on your computer.
  • Enter msconfig
  • Run and click on OK
  • Click on selective start-up
  • Select load system
  • Use original boot configuration options available
  • Now double click on load start-up to deselect the load start-up items
  • Now click on service tabs
  • Hide the Microsoft services
  • Click on disable all
  • Click on the apply button
  • Now press on OK
  • Restart.


Outlook search options sometimes cannot open. It will show the error. The Outlook search option is perfect as it will help the user with refined searches instantly. The user will notice the error Outlook the information store cannot be opened; this error will hamper the user to search all the data. This error can always be fixed by following the above steps. Sometimes, the user cannot find the attachments and some emails, but this is a lot easier with the Outlook search function.

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