How to Engage Children and Inspire Them to Learn

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A career that involves being around children and motivating them to learn more is one of the most enriching roles an educator can fulfill. Being a teacher involves influencing children in a positive way and giving them the skills and knowledge to help them succeed in the future. As a teacher, you must create engaging lesson plans that will pique the interest of your students. Here are a few ways you can engage children and inspire them to learn.

How to Engage Children and Inspire Them to Learn

Improve Your Teaching Skills

Teachers who are serious about becoming excellent educators should consider gaining a formal qualification to improve their teaching skills. Relevant qualifications can be obtained alongside a full time career, and programs can be completed in your spare time. The Bank Street Graduate School of Education provides a range of advanced certificates and different types of master’s degrees. Their online degree programs offer students flexibility with their learning and can equip existing teachers with useful skills that will help them become exceptional educators. For more information about Bank Street’s online programs, visit

Interactive Teaching

Interactive classrooms can help engage students who do not always respond to traditional teaching methods. Interactive teaching involves activities requiring body movement, such as walking around the classroom, waving arms, and standing up. Encouraging students to stay active can help encourage students to stay alert in the classroom. Activities requiring physical movement include standing up at the front of the class or at the desk, giving a presentation, and reenacting scenes from a book they are currently reading can boost their confidence. In addition, peer-to-peer discussions about relevant topics can also encourage participation. The use of video and audio aids can also help students stay engaged during class.

Dabble with VR Technology

In addition to video and audio aid, incorporating technology in the classroom can also improve student engagement, and virtual reality technology is an excellent example. VR tech is perfect for visual learners and can help transport students to another world. This type of technology is perfect for a variety of subjects. You can use it to teach children about different cultures and help them learn about ancient sites around the globe. Teachers can even incorporate VR tech into science lessons to help students get to grips with scientific concepts.

Take the Kids on a Field Trip

Although a virtual trip around the world can help engage students in a classroom, a field trip outside of school can also benefit your students’ educational experience. A field trip is a great way to teach children outside of their everyday environment. Many children will find it easier to retain information during field trips due to the stimulation they receive while they are outside of the school environment. Trips to the zoo, a museum, and historical landmarks are all enriching ways to teach students about different topics. Furthermore, field trips can help children learn how to behave appropriately outside of school in a variety of settings.

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