How to Clean Your Home the Smart Way

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The more frequently you clean, the smaller the messes will be that you’ll have to deal with. Food and other grime that is left to sit for a week or several weeks at a time will be more difficult to clean off and will take more time. Below are some tips and tricks on how to clean your home the smart way.

How to Clean Your Home the Smart Way

Implement Cleaning into Your Daily Routine

Clean up after yourself as you go by wiping down counters and appliances after you cook, putting dirty clothes directly into the washing machine, washing dirty dishes as you use them or putting dirty dishes directly into the dishwasher. Something as simple as opening mail over your trash can and tossing junk mail instead of letting it pile up or wiping down the stove and refrigerator each night as you put away leftovers, can go a long way toward keeping your home clean.

Take Time to Declutter Regularly

One of the ways to clean your home the smart way is to schedule time to declutter on a regular basis. It takes so much time to clean around all your clutter. It just seems that everything takes longer including simple tasks like vacuuming or polishing furniture. If your home is cluttered, you have to take time to pick up and move items before you can clean the surfaces beneath them or get in touch with apartment cleaning services.

Set a timer once a day, pick a room, a closet, or a drawer, and declutter until the timer goes off. In the closets, linen cabinets, bathroom, and kitchen, set a timer and give away or toss items you no longer use or wear until the timer goes off. Organize the remaining items so everything has an assigned spot.

Clean Your Bathroom While You Are in It

Everyone uses their bathroom multiple times a day for personal hygiene and bodily needs. Every time you go into the bathroom, clean something.

  • Wash out the sink and wipe down the counter after you brush your teeth.
  • Clean your mirror after shaving or putting on makeup in the morning.
  • Swish the toilet brush around the toilet once or twice a day after flushing.
  • Keep Lysol disinfecting wipes on the back of the toilet. When you think of it, grab a wipe and give your toilet tank, toilet seat, etc. a wipe down.
  • Keep a dish soap dispensing scrub brush, the ones with the handle, within reach of the shower. At least twice a week when you shower, take a minute to scrub at least one wall of your shower or tub. Think of it as just washing another body part. If you use dish soap with a degreaser in it, there’s no risk to your skin and you can stop mold and mildew before it happens.

By doing just these small things as you go about your day is a great way to clean your home the smart way. If you can’t handle cleaning things on your own, consider professional cleaning services Maids in a Minute, clarkston mi to help you. What’s your favorite tip or smart way to clean your home? Let us know in the comments below.

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