How Much Cost to Develop Candy Crush Clone?

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While under 0.01% of mobile apps achieve business achievement, but mobile games perform much better because its success rate is around 10%. In 2017, the worldwide mobile game market touches the height of $ 42.7 billion. It’s no big surprise, everybody if anyone says he wants to build a game like Candy Crush clone! But the main point is how much does it cost to make a game like Candy crush Saga Clone?

How Much Cost to Develop Candy Crush Clone

Essentials Factors Behind Candy Crush Saga Clone Cost

A game like Candy Crush Saga the most improbable hit. It’s an excellent Match-3 game that expects players to frame lines of same components — for this situation, desserts. Candy Crush employs excellent social showcasing systems urging clients to advance the app through online life, make in-app buys and move up higher than ever. However, the basic bewilder had remained the greatest US game (20 million day by day clients) until the point that Pokémon GO was launched and produced over $ 1.5 billion in income.

As a game programmer, you need to make exquisite layouts and distinctive gameplay to draw and join with customers. According to Pavel Shylenok, CTO in R-Style Lab, 80 percent of their regular $100 million game dev spending program is spent on creating the game feel and look fantastic. Pavel also thinks about sport dev to picture creation as your budget depends upon the amount you’re prepared to invest (and there is no furthest cutoff). How Exactly Does a Game Just Like Candy Crush Price?

Candy Crush Clone Cost Breakdown

The cost of building a mobile app relies upon a few components including the nation you’re hiring developers from, size of an organization and sort of an application.

Graphic content

Alright, what amount did it cost to influence the viral Candy To crush game? Straightforward as it seems to be, Candy Crush features multiple levels and kinds of jams (wrapped, striped, rainbow, and so forth.). You require no less than five different game artifacts — and they ought to be animated. Each 2D object should comprise no less than 30 outlines; generally, the animations will look foggy. Presently duplicate five objects by five hues, 30 casings, and five animations. That is more than 2 thousand pictures for just a single field! Even though there are procedures empowering merchants to diminish the number of game resources, they are applied on per-venture premise.

Here’s the amount you will spend on game graphics:

Playing area. An easygoing game such as Candy Crush features around 9 million animated objects such as animated degree foundations and benefits (charms and supporters enabling clients to open Additional gameplay);

Game Map. Contingent upon your game’s settings, you’ll require 400 animated objects and foundations;

Game menus, screens, and HUD. Candy Crush has more than 50 animated controls and straightforward, yet differed filters;

Molecule impacts. With a certain end goal to boost motion images, you ought to summarize no less than 15 distinct molecule impacts supporting cognitive pursuits.

Keep in mind about the portrayals and ideas of the features specified over (100 illustrations). At last, graphic content will cost you anything between $ 40–60 thousand.


Late investigations demonstrate that music (if it supplements the gameplay) can significantly enhance players’ execution. Since all mainstream mobile games have soundtracks nowadays, you need to stay aware of the contenders. For a Match-3 game like Candy Crush, you’ll require:

  • One menu track;
  • No less than six tracks relegated to different game levels;
  • 30 in-game sound impacts (clicks, taps, game over/win sounds).

You can decrease the expenses by utilizing sans royalty music. The amount Does a Game Like Candy Crush Cost?

The extent of building an easygoing mobile game incorporates:

Gameplay logic (real evaluation, pathfinding, specialist conduct, AI-controlled procedures and game conditions);

Game menu development (a UI that gives access to other in-game features);

Social features development (the incorporation with mainstream informal organizations, gifting, the choice to welcome companions, leaderboard outline, occasions and multi-player game sessions);

Adaptation logic development (in-app money and level overhauls);

Client examination (approaches to gathering quantitative information on client exercises).

A group of Eastern Europe-based programmers, UX/UI designers and QA engineers will bill $40-50 million for the job.


Propelled by “viral achievement” stories, newcomers don’t put resources into app showcasing, get 500 app downloads multi-day and before long leave business. They by one means or another overlook advertisers likewise make that virality — and that is the reason you require a robust promoting spending plan to move your Candy Crush clone to the highest point of the App Store and Google Play charts. In light of his vast game development encounter, Pavel Shylenok says the traditional advertising spending plan includes 80% of the whole game costs (even though you can unquestionably decrease showcasing prices by taking a couple of exercises from King). Lord, the organization that made Candy Crush and was gained by Activision Blizzard for $ 5.9 billion, went the additional mile to win clients over multiple stages including informal organizations and mobile gadgets:

Reading all the above price surely makes you think that you have to break your bank account for the development of the game like Candy crush.

But, “NO”

AIS Technolabs bring you the script to design clone game like Candy Crush Saga.

The script is 100% customizable and loaded with all the advance features which helps you to boost your business ROI.

AIS Technolabs, Candy Crush Clone development starts from $6.2k only.

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