Guide to Buy Firewood Cutters

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What is the best wood chipper for me? Unfortunately, we cannot offer a unique answer that is valid for everyone, since each user will have different needs. What we can do is show you how to choose a woodcutter so that you can identify the model that will be most useful to you. And for this, we will review all the aspects that you will have to take into account when buying log splitters:

Guide to Buy Firewood Cutters

  • Power: depending on the type of power or operating system, we can find up to 4 varieties, such as log splitters gasoline, the chippers electrical wood, the cutters of manual wood and chippers trunks connected to a tractor. If you do not have a nearby power outlet, gas-powered wood chippers can be very practical. They can be found with different power levels, depending on the size of trunks that we need to cut.  As for the chippers of manual logs, its use is only recommended for small and specific jobs, since for the professional environment it would mean having to make too much effort. They are light and very manageable. They are also safer than electric and gasoline.


The infinite screw firewood chippers, also known as endless screw log cutters, use a kind of conical shaped screw that presses on the trunk until it explodes. Its use is more oriented to professional users since they can be somewhat dangerous.  The log splitters wedge, as their name suggests, they use a large wedge of steel that, driven by a hydraulic system, is pushed against the trunk until it is cut in two. They are safer and more manageable than the previous ones.

  • Trunk position: in this section, we also find 2 different options, vertical log cutters and horizontal wood chippers. Both offer good results, but it should be borne in mind that vertical wood chippers can be somewhat dangerous, as chips and pieces of wood can be thrown in any direction. On the other hand, horizontal woodcutters, in addition to being safer, tend to have more power. For more details about how to buy the best log splitters visit .

Domestic or professional:

Depending on the use that we think of giving the machine, we can choose between domestic log splitters (also called garden trunks) and professional log splitter, the differences between one type and another lie basically in factors such as power, capacity and price, these aspects being higher in the devices for the professional environment.

  • Pressure: the strength or power of these machines is one of the most important characteristics that we will have to look at, since it will depend on the pressure that can exert on the trunks and, consequently, will affect the size and hardness of the same who will be able to work.

Capacity: read as the maximum size and hardness of the trunks with which a particular chipper can operate. It is advisable to be informed in the technical specifications of each model, to know in advance if the woodcutter that we are going to buy will be able to cut the logs that we need.

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