Fire Recovery: A Step by Step Guide for Property Managers

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Property managers need to do what is best for the building they are managing and the tenants there, no matter the circumstances. When a fire happens, they need to know what steps to take to get everything back to normal as quickly as possible. Below are several things that they need to do after a fire.

Fire Recovery: A Step by Step Guide for Property Managers

Take Care Of The Building

Property managers need to take care of the building immediately after a fire. Once the fire is out, they need to secure doors and windows and close off any holes in the roof. By doing this, they will keep further damage from happening as a result of the fire.

Call The Insurance Company About The Damage

They need to call the insurance company to report the damage immediately. The sooner they talk to them, the sooner they can start processing things and get the money they need to take care of the damages. If they have good coverage and a trusted provider, then things will go well once they talk to the company.

Figure Out What Damage Has Been Done

Once things have calmed down a bit after the fire, they will need to take the time to review the damages. They need to know whether or not the building is livable and what needs to be done there to get it back to what it needs to be. They can figure out who to hire and when they can start getting the work done, and the sooner the better so that their property will not lose too much money as a result of the fire.

Take Care Of The Tenants

The property manager needs to take care of the tenants and make sure that they are all fine. They need to give them a place to stay in a building that is not liveable, and that is one of the first things that should be on their mind. They need to contact each tenant and make sure they know what is going on and what they can expect in the upcoming days and weeks.

Get The Fire Restoration Process Going

Once they are through with the immediate response they need to give to the fire and getting things sorted out with the insurance and their tenants, they will need to consider where to go from there. They will want to find a trusted provider for fire restoration. The sooner they can get the process of fixing up the building going, the sooner things can get back to normal for them and their tenants.

When property managers are smart about how they care for the building and take action immediately when something goes wrong, they will be doing their job well. Every property manager needs to know the correct steps to take after a fire so that they can get things back to normal as quickly as possible. When the property manager does things well and has good restoration work done, it will be as if the fire never happened.

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