Effective Basic SEO Techniques You Must Follow

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In SEO market there are a few techniques which will help you improving your ranking individually. Also there are a few techniques which will help you for a limited time. Later it can be harmful for your blog. Those are calls blackhat seo.

Effective Basic SEO Techniques You Must Follow

Marketing Peek recommends you to only stick with white hat SEO strategies to stay long at the search engines. Let’s talk about the effective techniques that you must need to follow.



Article Optimization

Optimizing articles is one of the strongest SEO techniques in this year. Most of the people are not interested to optimize their articles as a result they are losing their ranking this year. There are a few steps you need to follow to better optimize your article.

Care on h1 & h2 tags

Put your keyword in 1st 100 word

Put your main keyword in your title

Try to highlight your keyword 3-4 times in article

Put inbound & outbound links

Article must be informative & attractive

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Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the most effective way to get a backlink for your blog. You publish a content to others blog as a guest and the site owner gives you a link for your site. This is how the process works. But make sure to publish content on genuine sites. As there are few PBN sites who will offer you for free guest post. But if you link on a PBN site it will be a risky business for you. Google anytime can give penalty or ban. So be careful.




Blog Comment

Blog comment is one of the easiest way to get a backlink for your site. But most of the people are highly interested to give less value and get a backlink instantly. This process makes huge spamming and blog owners are highly careful to take care on the comments. So try to post natural comments based the on the topic and put your web url on your profile. That’s best practice.

 Forum Post

Forum posting is another easy basic way to get link for you site. In this way you can get huge traffic on your site by posting valuable thread and giving your link on the thread. But posting randomly can result you as a ban. So be careful while doing forum posting and putting links. I suggest you to contribute on forums and that’s going to give you huge benefits.

Those are the simple & basic SEO techniques that you need to follow at the beginning stage of your SEO journey. Those will highly help you boosting up your site and giving you at a good position. But make sure to do everything naturally to get 100% positive result.  I wish you will cut a good figure if you can implement those techniques well enough. Wish you rising your business with SEO techniques.

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