Common Types of Construction Vehicles And Their Functions

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The accomplishment of construction projects depends on people and tools. The people who work on them need to have knowledge and skill to utilize equipment to do their tasks towards the project’s completion. Of course, they should have the proper equipment that matches their tasks.

Common construction equipment includes vehicles. You will see different types of them depending on the construction site. The workers operate them to finish projects on time and ensure high-quality construction of infrastructure and buildings. Additionally, it is crucial for construction workers to have reliable tools like battery charger A048G602, to keep their equipment powered and operational throughout the project.

Common Types of Construction Vehicles And Their Functions

Construction vehicles assist workers with tasks that aren’t humanly possible to accomplish within the project’s duration. Read about their common types and their functions in this blog.

Vacuum excavators are a type of construction equipment that uses suction to dig holes or trenches. This type of machine is often used in lieu of traditional excavation methods, such as bulldozers or backhoes, because it is less disruptive and can be used in tighter spaces. Vacuum excavation is most commonly used to expose underground utilities, such as water or sewer lines, before they are repaired or replaced.

There are two types of vacuum excavators: pneumatic and hydroexcavation. Pneumatic machines use high-pressure air to generate the suction needed to dig, while hydroexcavation machines use pressurized water. Both types of machines have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to select the right type of machine for the job at hand.

Pneumatic vacuum excavators are typically smaller and more manoeuvrable than hydroexcavation machines. They also tend to be less expensive. However, pneumatic machines can be more difficult to operate and may not be as effective in very hard or compacted soils. These machines need proper maintenance too. If there is a need to replace certain part like Switch Iso, you can search for it online as well.

Hydroexcavation machines are generally larger and heavier than pneumatic machines, but they are also more powerful. Kubota hydraulic excavators can typically handle tougher digging jobs, including those in hard or compacted soils. However, these machines can be more expensive and may require specialized training to operate.

Dump truck

Dump trucks are primarily used to dump debris away from construction sites. However, they are also used to transport additional materials to the job site. They also come in different shapes and sizes and are also known as articulated haulers.

Dump trucks are suited for hauling materials over rough terrain. That’s why they are most commonly used in mining sites. Its different types also require proper tires depending on where they frequently travel, which you can learn on Triangle Tires Philippines.


Bulldozers are the most widely known and reliable construction vehicles. They are also the strongest of all the other varieties. A bulldozer’s distinct characteristic is its metal blade in front that’s powerful enough to drive massive quantities of debris, soil, sand, etc.

They are used to remove obstacles at the job site, including trees and debris. They are also employed for road clearing, trench digging, and agricultural activities. Their torque divider allows bulldozers to transform engine power into significant dragging capability needed to tow heavy stuff easily, complemented by their wide tracks arranged over a vast area that distributes their weight evenly.


Backhoes are excavation machines containing a digging bucket on the end of a two-section articulated arm. They are commonly installed on a loader or tractor and are relatively smaller and versatile. You will usually see one at smaller construction sites, such as building small houses and repairing city roads.

They are used to dig trenches and ditches for laying pipes, cables, and foundations. They can also excavate dirt and move snow. Moreover, they can also travel through rough terrain and dig holes for tree planting.


Cranes are composed of pulleys and cables that allow them to lift loads beyond human capability. They assist in lifting and lowering loads and horizontal movement of materials. In addition, they can also be stationary or mobile.

Mobile cranes have large wheels that stabilize and support them while carrying and lifting hefty loads. Tower cranes are stationary and are widely used in building tall buildings. Moreover, cranes are commonly used in two other industries: transport and manufacturing for loading and unloading freight and assembling heavy equipment.

Mixer truck

Mixer trucks combine cement, sand or gravel, and water to form concrete. They have a revolving drum mounted at the back that mixes all those components. Besides a mixer truck, construction sites also use portable concrete mixers as an alternative for projects that only require smaller quantities of cement.

Wrap up

Many other vehicles help in rendering construction work. You must have the appropriate ones to complete your project efficiently and effectively. That’s why you have to know which of them is suitable for what you want to do.

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