CBSE Class 12 Physics Exam: Expert Advice for Scoring High

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Scoring high in the class 12th physics exam is not difficult if you prepare well. The exam is of 100 marks and the written portion holds 70 marks and the rest 30 marks are for practical exams. There are 14 chapters included in the class 12th physics syllabus and these 14 chapters are distributed in 9 units. Class 12th physics exam is the board exam and every student who is appearing for the exam their future will be decided after this board exam. To score high marks in the class 12th physics exam you can follow the following expert advice:

CBSE Class 12 Physics Exam - Expert Advice for Scoring High

Learn to Implement

In physics, it is easy to know what is going around you, but when you are told to apply the same thing while solving questions it can get a little hectic, and students start to feel the pressure. The point of this is that while learning the formulas and concepts you should be very thorough and attentive as you must also learn how to implement those formulas and equations while solving problems. Mugging up formulas will not take you far and you will not be able to score high marks, anyone can mug up formulas and equations, for example, we all know e = mc2 but how many of you can apply the formula while solving the question is a different story. Thus every expert’s advice is that while studying physics every student must learn how, where, and when to use the formulas correctly for their benefit. Along with learning to properly implement students must practice numerical questions and stay sharp. Study all the class 12 physics chapters properly.

Read the Questions Properly

Physics is a subject that can get tricky and uncomfortable for many students. The reason for this is that students do not read the question properly and they get lost in the question itself. To understand the question try to read the question more than once and write the given points on a note, also note what the question is asking for. To score high marks in class 12th physics exam you need to be precise, read the questions properly, and answer what is being asked. If you do not read the questions properly you will not be able to apply the correct formulas and this will affect your marks and stop you from scoring high. You can follow these below steps to read a question:

  • Read the question until you understand what it is asking for.
  • Note down the given values and if a diagram is required also draw it.
  • Always find what is asked for and do not waste too much time on one question.

What are the important topics in the class 12th physics?

All the chapters are important and require good preparation for scoring high marks. Some topics in the class 12th physics exam hold more marks compared to other topics. Some of the topics that can fetch you more marks if given additional time and attention are as follows:

  • Ray optics and wave optics: These topics are from the chapter Optics and are one the most important topics in the whole class 12th physics syllabus. These two topics will alone carry more than 18 marks. To score high in the exam, students are advised to spend more time with these chapters and be thorough. Practice the diagrams and learn about the lenses.
  • Electrostatics: Another important chapter that requires proper study is electrostatics. This chapter holds about 15-16 marks in total. For students who want to score high marks need to study and practice solving questions related to this chapter. Learn about the electric flux, electric potential, etc. also practice the numerical questions that are present in this chapter.
  • Alternating current: Alternating current or AC is an important chapter for class 12th physics and also for higher studies. If you want to score well in the class 12th physics you need to study and understand this chapter thoroughly. The amount of marks it holds is not too much but this chapter will provide long answer questions and you need to prepare well if you want to answer.

Do and Practice Questions along with Revision

All the students who are preparing for the class 12th physics exam must keep in mind that there is no way around practice. You have to practice and solve examples to gain experience before the exam. By solving different types of questions from the question banks and sample papers you will be able to understand the pattern of the paper that is going to come and your experience will also increase. Students are recommended to write few mock tests before the main exam, this will be very helpful for all the students who are appearing for the 12th board exam. Physics is a subject that requires both theoretical and practical knowledge and students should try to develop both skills gradually. Solve multiple number numerical questions from each chapter and maintain a separate copy for it. Once you think that you are well prepared you need to revise all the topics and chapters before going to the exam. Revise the formulas and equations related to the subject. Revise the numerical questions by writing and solving them do not just read the solutions as it will not benefit you.

Protocols that should be followed during the exam and before the exam

There are some dos and don’ts that you must follow during the exam or once you have entered the exam hall. Some of the protocols that you should follow are as follows:

  • Be confident and read the questions before writing them. You will be given 15 minutes to go through the question paper you must use this time.
  • Draw margins with scale and keep the paper neat and clean, try to minimize scribbling.
  • For diagrams, you must use a pencil and always carry your belongings during the exam.
  • Before entering the exam hall complete all your chores like drinking water, using the bathroom, etc.
  • The night before the exam eat light and before coming to the exam hall have breakfast.
  • Try to attempt all the questions but do not waste too much time on a particular question.


By following the above expert advice you can easily score high marks in the class 12th physics exam. Learn the important chapters and practice as much as possible.

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