Career Opportunities After Data Science Training Course

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In a world where as much as 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is being produced every day, any professional who can help organize and deliver business solutions from this humongous amount is indeed viewed as a superhero!

Many of us are have heard about or are aware of how Big Data presents tremendous potential in terms of career opportunities.

4 Traits You Must Have to Become a Successful Data Science Professional

Let us discuss why ‘Data Scientist’ is deemed as the sexiest job profile of the 21st century and what career opportunities are out there for you once you have completed your data science training.

1. Data Scientist

The Big Data analytics market (or BDA) is expected to reach a valuation of $49 billion in 2019, with an estimated compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11%. Subsequently, by 2023, the BDA market is expected to reach a valuation of approximately $103 billion.

Some of the top organizations in the world, start-ups, and e-commerce majors are looking to hire full-stack Data Scientists who can work on specific application areas and develop market-leading data-driven products. To work as a data scientist, you need to have experience in the use of machine learning techniques in predictive modeling and analysis, analytical techniques such as Regression, Clustering, Classification and Time Series. You also need to have Python coding skills to build a career in data science.

Enrolling in a data science online course will allow you to undergo a well-defined, updated curriculum along and avail lucrative placement opportunities. The course will also provide rigorous, hands-on training in predictive modeling, statistics and fundamental understanding of machine learning techniques.

2. Data Engineer

In the last few years, Data Engineers have become a valuable addition to Data Science teams across different sectors in India. Equipped with the right experience and skill-set, Data Engineers have the task of building data pipelines and work on use cases – taking them from pilot to the production stage.

To work in the capacity of a Data Engineer, you must have an in-depth knowledge of Hadoop-based technologies such as Hive, MapReduce, MongoDB, or Cassandra. You must also have a thorough background in NoSQL technologies and data warehousing, along with general purpose and high-level programming languages, including Python, SQL, R, and Scala.

Data science training offered by reputable institutions such as Jigsaw Academy provides an in-depth understanding of the entire Hadoop ecosystem. Moreover, the data science course syllabus provides a fundamental understanding of database technologies such as Hive, Scala, Apache Spark, and Impala.

3. Machine (ML) Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineers (ML Engineers) nowadays are considered to be the backbone of consumer-facing technology companies, which deal with huge volumes of data. ML Engineers have the responsibility of designing the solution architecture for applications, automate model training processes, test and deploy processes to ensure continuous delivery pipeline. In other words, ML Engineers help ensure that machine learning models and pipelines reach the production stage without much hassle.

As an ML Engineer, you need to have a thorough understanding of data structures, object-oriented programming, and algorithms. You must have a background in modern and classical machine learning techniques, including clustering, decision trees, regression, and neural networks. Moreover, you need to have core competencies in feature engineering and mining structured & unstructured data.

With a data science certification, you can have the required technical depth and understanding of classical Deep Learning and ML techniques. The syllabus also provides you an in-depth knowledge of popular TensorFlow, Deep Learning frameworks, and Keras. You have the opportunity to level-up your skills with relevant case studies on text data processing, computer vision, image processing, IoT and speech analytics (Speech to text / Voice tonality).

Data Science is the Career Path for the Future

Learning Data Science skills, nowadays, is one of the most popular career options in India. As a career option, Data Science is bright and provides you an opportunity to master general and high-level programming languages such as R, Python, and SQL along with other essential technical skills.

With the right data science training course, you can easily forge a lucrative career part for yourself and choose to work in an industry of your liking, whether entertainment, e-commerce, or retail.


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