Bird Nest Delivery Singapore: Everything About the Superfood You Need to Know

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Today’s younger generation is much more health and choice conscious. They are aware that their eating habits determine their overall well-being. And this thought process is more common to people born after 1990. The hectic lifestyle doesn’t allow them to rest or eat well. So, they want to make sure whatever they consume should provide them with proper nourishment without needing additional efforts from their end. To serve them and others who wish to take care of their fitness and long life, some companies started selling bottled bird’s nest drink.

Bird Nest Delivery Singapore - Everything About the Superfood You Need to Know

The ready-to-drink bird nest is loaded with all the necessary nutrients that a human body requires to be fit. Plus, one doesn’t have to do much to absorb its goodness. Just open the jar and take out the healthy daily dose of it. It’s that simple. It means you can enjoy the combination of nutrition and convenience without having to squeeze in preparation time from your end. However, it doesn’t end here. Nowadays, you get a good branded product in online stores. If your schedules are tight with family, professional, and personal responsibilities, you can place your order online for bird nest delivery Singapore. The item will reach home within the stipulated deadline at your chosen time.

Bird nest delivery Singapore: Learning about the supply chain

Earlier, bird nest collectors harvested the raw ingredient of bird’s nest drink from the natural habitats of wild swiftlets, which can be a limestone cliff or mountain cave. Since the nests lie atop a corner, the extraction process used to be dangerous and life-threatening for the workers. They used a long, narrow wood ladder to get to the point where these birds make their nests and brought those. However, the techniques have improved. Nowadays, people farm them to cater to the rising demand for this food. Of the different places that specialize in this, Indonesia and Malaysia are quite popular.

Indonesia’s richness in caves and natural habitats for this wild bird species allows it to create a highly nutritional and premium quality product. Malaysia has also made a name for itself. But they farm them in empty buildings, due to which you cannot find their nests to be as useful as the other one. Since the nutritional value is also lower, you get them for a lower price. So, it is up to you to decide what you desire. If you don’t want to compromise on the content, then opting for the ones procured through traditional practices is recommendable. Otherwise, you can choose the latter.


Trustworthy companies usually source it from Indonesia, which is famous for producing the highest number of bird’s nest across the globe. The Indonesian archipelago has many farms across its length and breadth, with most of them located in Borneo, Sumatra, and Java Island. Trusted sellers who believe in offering high-end products to their consumers partner with farmers who farm bird’s nest in houses established in the pristine rainforests where resident swiftlets get easy access to food and are safely away from city’s pollution. Since houses tend to be far from polluted areas, you can rest assured about the purity of the nests collected from here.

Before you purchase it from somewhere, you can also check whether the nests used in their products have gone through nitrite testing. As per the WHO, the nests which contain less than 200 ppm of this substance are safe to consume. If the nests are not harvested from the right place, then the level of nitrite can be as high as 400 ppm in them. In this context, it deserves a mention that premium-quality nests will likely have less than 30 ppm of nitrite. Hence, when you choose home delivery as an option for the bottled bird’s nest products, make sure you know the level of nitrite content present in them.


Another aspect you need to have clarity about is the standard of processing. The online stores which invest in 100% natural dry-pick techniques for quality assurance and safety can be your best bet. Since this process involves labor, you may have to pay a higher price. Avoid buying it from a place that uses glue or bleach to clean nests faster. These techniques can prove harmful to both the quality of the bird’s nest and your health. At the same time, the products should contain 100% natural ingredients and meet all the food safety standards.

Common questions around bird nest delivery Singapore

Knowing about the delivery process is as important as the safety standards and quality of a product, whether it includes a bird’s nest or something else. Since in the matter of food items, the stakes are higher because it, after all, concerns your health, you must be careful with your choice. Plus, this nourishing product is slightly expensive also compared to others. Hence, you must take extra caution. So, before you buy this product online, you may want to know a few things, like:

  • How much shipping cost do you need to pay?
  • How many days will it take to deliver a product at your address?
  • What will happen if there is no one at home to receive the delivery?

Some reputed and credible stores don’t take shipping charges for deliveries within the national region. However, a nominal fee may apply if they deliver it to a foreign destination. They usually send these products through express courier services, due to which you can expect to get your order within three to five days. Also, most companies ensure that the items reach their customers safely and securely. So, they try to deliver when you or your representative is there.

Anyway, every online store may have its terms and conditions around it. Therefore, you should check them beforehand so that you know what you are getting into and can avoid any confusion or disappointment later. Nowadays, the availability of a tracking facility also makes it convenient to keep an eye on the status of the product. And if you face an issue or have any query, you can contact the seller for resolution.

A tricky consideration: Can vegetarians eat Bird Nests?

As you may have this information, the bird’s nest enjoys the status of superfood for its purported health benefits. And in this fast-paced world where people don’t get time for easy breathing, making space for food or eating looks next to impossible. Hence, everyone might feel attracted to the readymade bird’s nest drink. Even those who are vegetarians may want to know whether it is suitable for them to consume. They may wonder what a bird’s nest is. Is it made from an animal body?

Whether vegetarians can eat it or not is a difficult question to answer. Still, you need to understand one thing the bird’s nest comes from swiftlets’ saliva, which becomes hard due to oxidation or absorption of nutrients from the environment. The saliva helps keep the nest together. The salivary excretion tends to be nutrient-rich with proteins and amino acids. The birds make nests for their eggs, and leave it once the hatching completes. Only after then, the humans or bird’s nest farmers harvest them.

As far as the vegetarian diet goes, it doesn’t involve anything that has got to do with meat, fish, fowl, and sometimes, eggs, cheese, and milk too. They depend on grains, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. What they eat can have health, moral, or religious influences. Whatever be that, it is critical to understand that it is up to you how you perceive it. Technically, the bird’s nest is only the saliva of the animal and doesn’t include any animal organ. Hence, one may call it vegetarian or non-vegetarian food based on personal interpretation or beliefs.

Bird nest delivery Singapore: Understanding bird nest bit more

The reason why it is a superfood is that it contains a variety of essential nutrients, including proteins, potassium, calcium, and other minerals. Experts recommend that you should make it a part of your regular diet to partake in its long-term health benefits, such as relief from chronic cough, asthma, soreness in the throat, and so on. It can also be an immunity booster. Your digestion can improve, and attention span can also increase with its daily intake. However, sometimes, people tend to overindulge in certain things, if they are healthy, and hence, the more they eat, the more these will benefit them.

Don’t follow such practices as these can be harmful to your body. There is a specific amount of every nutrient that your body can digest in a day. Overloading it with anything can have a different kind of repercussion. To make sure you get proper nourishment and pamper your body the right way, you should consume a bird’s nest in a moderate amount. For knowledge, you can search how much you can eat a day. Usually, the experts mention that you can drink 60 ml to 80 ml of drink per day.

Bird’s nest is a unique royal delicacy that originated in China. Its popularity has increased everywhere, and the best thing is you don’t have to be a member of the nobility or royal family today to enjoy it.

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