Best Value Parking in Dubrovnik 2022

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During the summer season, parking in Dubrovnik can be a true nightmare. If you don’t want to pay a high price for hourly parking, you can try to stay at a private apartment near the Old Town. You can then park for free if you are visiting the same building. If that doesn’t work, you can park outside your apartment and walk to the Old Town. The cheapest parking in Dubrovnik is at the Dubrovnik Center Parking, where 1 hour of parking costs ten Kunas (around one dollar). Daily parking ticket costs 200 kunas and is very convenient. If you want to go and visit the Old Town after you park your car, you can take the city bus. The bus stops right across the parking lot, and the ride to Old Town takes only about 5 minutes.

Parking Outside Dubrovnik Old Town

You can also park in the Lapad and Gruz neighborhoods. These have abundant parking and frequent buses between them and the Old Town. Moreover, there are several parking garages in the Babin Kuk district. However, keep in mind that the prices in these locations fluctuate. While they may be cheaper, you can always use a more affordable parking option and save money. This option will still be close to the Old Town. The city of Dubrovnik offers five different parking zones. Each zone has different fees. The parking prices vary according to these and are higher in the summer: the most expensive zone in the city is Zone 0, while the cheapest is Zone 4. In addition, you must choose between two parking options if you want to visit the Old Town. You can also choose to use the taxi service if you prefer not to walk.

Most Convenient Parking Location in Dubrovnik

The most convenient and cheap options for parking in Dubrovnik are Dubrovnik City Parking near the Mercante shopping center. This location is conveniently located and has good access to local transport links. The old town is only is a 10-minute walk away, making it the best value parking in Dubrovnik near the Old Town. Many public parking lots are located along the streets. Still, the Pile Gate is the most convenient and expensive one. These are the best spots for sightseeing in the city. A taxi ride into the Old Town is costly and often not worth it. To avoid paying too much, you should park your car outside the walls. Otherwise, you can use a taxi or a public bus.

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