Best Pink Lipstick of 2020 – MyGlamm

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There’s nothing quite as feminine as a flirty pink lip shade. It can be electric, playful, classic or just out there. As much as everyone loves a good pink colour, it’s difficult to understand how you wear one with success and without making a fool of yourself.

Best Pink Lipstick of 2020 – MyGlamm

Let’s start with the benefits of wearing pink lipsticks

To begin with, lighter shades on your lips makes them look fuller. On the other hand, darker shades can make your pout appear smaller. Considering how all women want bigger pours, it’s a huge advantage if you’re stepping out wearing pink. Second thing is that pink has a formulation that almost always works no matter what. Lighter nude shades and dark purple shades are shades that even the brand’s find hard to formulate, which is why it is a hit and a miss with so many people. It also gives a patchy look to the lips that can make it look quite unappealing. However, when it comes to the colour pink, the formulation is just about right and it’s pigmented as well, along with being easy to work with.

No matter who you are, how old you are and what your complexion is. Everyone can find good pink lipstick shadesto wear. Now it all depends on you as an individual, what your preferences are. There’s really no wrong way. It’s all right. Cooler tones make the face look awake and bright. To make it look warmer, put some electric pink and you’re good to go.

If you’re hesitant to step away from your chocolate browns, wines and nudes, given below are super simple pink lipstick hacks that will convert you into a pink lip shade lover.

  • Go for an ombre lip. Ombre lips make your lips appear fuller. This happens because the light is centred at the part of the pout which is the fullest.
  • Mix your pinks. It’s never a bad idea to mix your lipstick shades together. If you can’t get the perfect shade of pink, don’t just give up so easily. Try mixing shades and see if you find any two colours or formulas that blend and give you the perfect complementary colour.
  • Go for corals. Coral pinks look fabulous on people who have skin with caramel undertones. These lipstick shades are universally appealing. No one can go wrong in coral shades and that’s a fact.
  • If you’re on the darker side, try berry lip shades. They will definitely look great on you.
  • If you’re someone with cool and pale skin tones, the mauve pinks will look great on you. The sheer shades won’t overwhelm your skin at all and will give it a good touch.
  • People with yellow undertones should go for a fuchsia shade that’s blue based so that it pops out against your skin.

If you feel you look to washed out, tap your lips a little and apply the shade to your cheeks to give your face a monochromatic look.

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