Benefits of the Insurance of Dump Truck

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Dumb trucks are not like the normal vehicles. They are highly specialized and they need special commercial insurance as well.

If you own a car, you should already know why you need insurance. It is not possible to drive around in a vehicle that is not insures, such and offence can land you in serious trouble.

Benefits of the insurance of dump truck

In the same way, pulling around dump truck bodies without proper insurance documents is against the law. One must be ensure they adhere to the rules and regulations provided.

What is dump truck insurance?

Before we look at the benefit of dump truck insurance, it is prudent that we understand what it is. There are many people who may want to get dump trucks but they don’t know what the insurance is all about.

Dump truck insurance is the kind of insurance provision for dump trucks similar to other commercial vehicle. The insurance is different from normal insurance on a very high level. It is consider a type of commercial tracking insurance specifically created for dump trucks.

Operating a dump truck is very risky. The business company running the truck is vulnerable to such risks but the insurance comes in to offer protection.

When writing the insurance, the insurer will want to know where the vehicle will be driven. This is a kind of vehicle that does not just go anywhere without proper paperwork. How the vehicle will be used is another consideration for the insurance. This is a general requirement for any type of insurance. It should not therefore be a surprise. The insurer will also consider the risks that come from using the vehicle. These are the factors that will determine how much one will pay for the service.

Freight coverage and dump truck insurance

Many people wonder whether or not freight coverage is included in the dump truck policies. Note that, the trucks might not always be used to transport expensive and or consumer good. However, it is still a good idea to take everything into account and add freight coverage.

The truck may be used to carry large hauls of gravel, sand, and dirt among many other things. Such materials are not valuable in small portions. But the amount these trucks carry is definitely something one must think about. Losing any amount of the material may mean losing money as well. For this reason, the safest way to insure cargo that is transported using truck is using motor truck cargo coverage.

Coverages/benefits of the dump truck policies

All commercial truck policies are offering a combination of great property and liability coverage. Dump trucks and among such vehicles and all the benefits of the policies are applied. Any dump body manufacturer should be able to understand such benefits and ensure their clients get them as required. They can do so by manufacturing trucks that is up to the required standards.

Due to the complex process of truck insurance policy and the laws may vary in every different state or city, it is more effective to seek help from an 18-wheeler accident attorney in regards to your truck insurance policy. Lawyers are very familiar with the process and will save your time and ensure that you get the best insurance cover that benefits your business.


The benefits of dump truck insurance come in terms of the coverages they offer. Consider the following.

1. General liability coverage

The risks in the business industry are quite immense, General liability helps to protect the business and individual against a number of perils. It is a foundational insurance and no business can afford not to have one.

The policies provide the following benefits;

  • Body injury benefits. When driving the truck, anything can happen and the driver gets into trouble. Covering hospital bills for the individual and the company can be quite costly. But with this policy, you don’t have to suffer any lose. The truck is regarded a company property and anyone who gets hurt in it will benefit from the policy.
  • Property damage. Even if on one get hurt during an accident, chances of the truck getting damaged are very high. In some instance, the vehicle gets destroyed beyond repair. This policy comes in to cover for the damages. It will cover the cost for repairing and or getting a new truck for the company.
  • Personal advertising cover. Some of the truck may bear adverts messages that can land a company in trouble. Instead of the company having to pay for them, the policy will cover everything.

There are other additional benefits in the policies including additional protection such as product liability coverage.

2. Auto Liability cover

Businesses with commercial vehicles must just protect the vehicles same as individuals. A business can face great potential legal consequences if they fail to apply for auto insurance or renew the one they have.

This is a type insurance made for businesses rather than individuals. The insurance covers the following benefits:

  • Property damage liability. Should the truck sway off-road and damage other people’s property, the policy will take care of all claims.
  • Bodily injury liability cover. People may sustain injury from the dump truck. It could hit someone and the company has to pay. The policy handles everything.
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage. This is just a general cover for the vehicle. A business can get their vehicle repaired by the insurer.
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. If the driver does not have sufficient insurance, this is the same policy that will benefit them.

3. Physical Damage coverage

The truck may face physical damage that could prove costly for the company. The insurance will take care of paying of such things in future.

4. Downtime coverage

The truck is used for running the errands of the company and bringing in benefits. Downtime is one of the barriers to achieve this. Dump truck insurance covers the downtime period.

5. Environmental coverage

Dump trucks, just like any other vehicle may have a negative impact on the environment. Insurance will take care of any damages a company may be required to cover.

6. Motor Truck Cargo (Freight) coverage

As discussed above.

Take away…

Dump trucks are not driven for personal use. Independent owner/operators may want non-trucking coverage for vehicles driven during non-working hours. This means, you need to get the right type of coverage for your vehicle. Driving the vehicle for any distance during non-working hours brings in risks that may not be covered. It could be a great idea to include non-trucking coverage for your dump truck.

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