9 Reasons Why You Will Want to Convert PDF to PNG Files

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Many do consider PDF or Portable Document Format as the universal file format. Even when it comes to images, it is pretty reliable. It can retain original designs or pictures even if it’s compressed already for file-sharing purposes. Images on PDF files are also customizable to allow users to print, share, and edit them. Its ultimate aim is quality printed material.

9 Reasons Why You Will Want to Convert PDF to PNG Files

However, it comes with certain limitations. With PDF, the images’ vibrant colors and details will be gone. During the compression, the program will find and remove the redundancies to make the highly-detailed images. Thus, beautiful photos will be presented with quality loss. Is that it, or are there other reasons? You bet, there are nine reasons on our list.

Reason 1: Easy editing with a quality end product

Don’t get us wrong, and anyone can edit PDFs. It is way easier to edit a PDF than a PNG image. However, if you edit photos in PDF files, it will not result in an image best for uploading online or as an official brand design on marketing materials. That is the reason why we recommend to convert PDF to PNG files for much-needed images.

Reason 2: Great compatibility with programs, software, and devices

Another reason you would reasonably have your images in PDFs is its excellent compatibility in the image format. Although users can’t open PDFs through various browsers online other than Adobe Acrobat, images are still better buoyed by many computer programs, software, and devices. Then free viewers will not need a browser to look at it.

Reason 3: Picture sharing on social media account

As we all know, social media is about texts and images. If you have a PDF file, you will have to copy and paste the values to share them. As for the picture in a PDF file, copy, and paste, will not help. Users can only share files in image formats on social media, and it won’t be better than using a PNG for the best image result. Thus, you will have to convert PDF to PNG.

Reason 4: Video editing purposes

Video editing programs do not or cannot import documents to be attached to the videos. They only support files in an image format like PNG. Frequently, PNG is preferred by video editors because its images are of the highest quality. Thus, when the video is presented on a broader screen, images will not be distorted or pixelated.

Reason 5: Transparency ability of a PNG image

Here is a more significant advantage of a PNG image, its high transparency support, which allows users to put other designs and illustrations on top of it effortlessly. While most of the time, PDF documents and images have white backgrounds, and thus putting more on top of it may become an eyesore.

Reason 6: PNG lossless (LZW) image quality

Another more terrific advantage of a PNG image over a PDF or even over other image formats is its LZW quality. When a user creates an image file in PNG, there is lesser to no loss in quality. Thus, users may edit images in PNG formats, save them, and repeatedly open them without degrading their quality.

Reason 7: PNG files shrink ability

Another more fantastic advantage of a PNG image over a PDF or even over other image formats is its ability to be reduced in smaller file sizes. It means that when users are faced with limited options for elements and colors, they can shrink PNG images to smaller file sizes with retained quality. With other formats, users can reduce image quality.

Reason 8: Wide support across various platforms

The PNG image format is very adaptable, yet it upholds its best quality and transparency, gaining compatibility across various internet platforms like other image formats, JPG or TIFF, despite its large file size. Thus, it is optimized for corporate graphics like logos and graphs.

Reason 9: PDF to PNG converter tool available online

Since PDFs are more used than PNGs, it might come as a problem for users to save their PDFs to PNGs, but don’t. A web-based service provider offers a PDF to PNG converter tool that everyone can use from any of their devices, using any internet browsers, fast, easy, and safe like GogoPDF. All everyone has to do is to get online.


There are so many reasons why someone might rather have their documents in image formats. It is as diverse as the personal needs of individuals that need to save their PDFs as PNGs. Anyhow, those are the reasons why we recommend users to convert their PDF files to PNG format, and we further suggest they do it online with GogoPDF.

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