7 Ways to Make Your First Online Sale

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Shifting to online business is promising to be a good undertaking. With certain circumstances that encourage people to shop online and stay indoors, now is the perfect time to establish and online business. Whether you’re starting small or going all-out, selling online is more preferable these days. Why?

7 Ways to Make Your First Online Sale

For one, it’s convenient. People don’t have to drive down to brick-and-mortar stores to buy products. Secondly, buying online gives you more choices and comparisons. Overall, selling online caters to the modern-day consumers of 2021. But how can you make your first online sale? Do these seven simple techniques, and you can thank us later.

1. Leverage reviews

You might be new in the business. But try to ask your friends or other random people after showing them your product or service. See if you can get them to write a review about it. Then once you can compile all the positive reviews, leverage that to make your first sale. If you can, tap into review sites such as Beast Sellers Review to ensure netizens can read about your offers.

2. Social media marketing

One way to boost brand awareness and increase sales is to invest in social media marketing. The best part about this type of advertising is that it’s cost-efficient. Plus, more than half of the world’s population are social media users. This ensures you’re tapping into your target audience, provided that you promote your products or services in the right social channels.

3. Invest in paid advertising

Organic traffic or SEO is the more low-cost counterpart of paid advertising. If you want a fast and easy way to promote your offers, invest in paid online ads. Try the Google Ads platform and choose between Display or Search Networks. You can either opt to bid for search engine ranking or bid for banner ad space.

4. List your business

Don’t neglect getting your business listed in online business directories. Some examples are Yelp, TripAdvisor, YellowPages, Zomato, and more. Getting your business listed means you’re putting more exposure for your brand and possibly attracting more sales.

5. Set up Google My Business

Google My Business helps brands show up on Search and Maps. This platform increases overall visibility for your company. You can manage and edit your information and see what customers are saying about your products or services as well. Plus, setting up Google My Business is free. So why let it slide?

6. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is also another effective way to make your first sale. However, to make sure you succeed in influencer marketing, choose influencers with the same values, beliefs, and principles as your brand. This ensures that the influencers followers will also likely patronize your brand. Collaborate with influencers and offer special promo codes, and integrate a sense of urgency to make people act.

7. Send personalized email newsletters

Some email newsletters can come off as too promotional. And this is why recipients delete them even before reading the content. To make sure you pique their interest, add a personal touch. You can learn more about your audience through analytics and segment your email list. Better yet, send retargeting emails for those prospects who have already engaged with your site. Offer them a special discount or something irresistible.

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