6 Tips for Sleeping Better

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Good sleep is very important for good health and immunity. To attain a good sleep one must have a peaceful mind. In the human body, sleep is regulated by a hormone known as melatonin. Throughout the day, sunlight stops your pineal gland from producing melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone. Besides melatonin, there’s another sleep-causing chemical called adenosine that is active during the day. As it gets dark, melatonin levels go up, and enough adenosine accumulates in your brain that causes sleep.

6 Tips for Sleeping Better

Due to stress and anxiety, people are not able to sleep and start over thinking a lot. To cope up with this they depend themselves on sleeping pills. Sleeping pills can give you temporary solutions in the short term but they are harmful in the long run. For the long run, you can consider some ayurvedic medicines like lavender, valerian root, chamomile and ashwagandha. Scientists have experimented with these herbs and conducted research on people who were consuming these herbs. These herbs have properties which help people to get peaceful sleep. There are many ayurvedic medicine for sleep available in the market to solve the sleeping issue.

For your better and soundful sleep, you can try out these sleeping techniques. For a calming sleep you can switch off your phone and have happy memories which create a positive aura around you.

1) Avoid the use of Caffeine at night : Caffeine can keep you up because it blocks adenosine receptors. These receptors are the ones which may not allow you to sleep.

2) Exposure to dark at night : Exposure to light at night can alter the sleep wake cycle and as well as the hormone secretion, which keep you awake at night so avoid light exposure at the time of sleep.

3) Comfortable bed and positive vibes. To enhance sleep, you should make sure that your bed is comfortable. As for sleeping, the bed is very important and it relaxes the body.

4) Avoid heavy meals at bedtime : Heavy meal at dinner can cause stomach issues. And can cause gastrointestinal issues if not taken care of .For good sleep, you can try natural sleeping pills which consist of herbs like lavender and chamomile.

5) Avoid smartphones and tv before bed: It could affect the sleep wake cycle or the cardiac rhythm. Doctors recommend that using gadgets before sleep can affect your mental health. The negative energies would be drained in the unconscious mind and thoughts about fear and panic would start coming up again.

6) Sleep in a calm environment: For soothing sleep, make sure that there’s no loud music or noises. Loud music may not allow you to sleep and your focus will be shifted and no sleep. So try to avoid it and listen to calming music.

8) Long Naps: Long naps during daytime can affect your sleeping cycle, so try to take a very small nap at lunch time. A quick nap time of 30 mins can help you to refresh your mind.

9) Make a daily routine of sleep : To improve the sleep quality and happy day, you should take at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Good sleep can enhance your mind and can give you a productive sleep.

10) Melatonin/Ayurvedic supplement : There are some supplements that can also enhance sleep. Make sure to check with a doctor before taking those supplements in your lifestyle.

12) Exercise and meditation: Since the medieval ages, exercise and meditation can help to solve the sleeping problem issues and it relaxes the body and mind .

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