6 Healthcare Content Creation Tips

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When you’re in the healthcare industry, you have a lot of opportunities to connect with your audience through content. At the same time, producing compelling content for the healthcare industry can feel intimidating.

A lot of people think that they have to speak in an overly complex way when they’re writing in the healthcare industry, but the opposite is generally true. Even so, there are challenges that you can’t overlook. Topics are challenging, and there are compliance and legality issues as well.

6 Healthcare Content Creation Tips

So how can you create healthcare-based marketing content that’s engaging, relevant, and also is professional? The following are six tips.

1. Come from the Perspective of Your Audience

When you’re producing content in healthcare, at the core, it’s no different than in any other industry. You want to produce content that’s going to be relevant to the perspective of your audience. Your audience is going to want information, solutions, and maybe guidance. Put yourself in their shoes and think about whether you’re creating something that’s understandable to your targeted audience.

If you were them, would you be able to easily interpret your writing, and are you being accurate from a clinical perspective without being confusing or overwhelming?

Are your offering actionable solutions, and are you thoroughly answering any other associated questions your audience might have?

If you aren’t sure, you might think about creating buyer personas that help you get to know your targeted audience on a deep level so you can speak to them appropriately.

2. Think Outside the Box

When you’re creating healthcare content, you don’t always have to be writing something that’s strictly doctor or clinic-centric. There are a lot of topics that you can use as a way to attract a broader audience, particularly because so many people are interested in health and wellness. You can generate traffic with weight loss blogs, training blogs, or nutritional blogs. Supplements and holistic health topics are popular too, and they’re going to open you up to a broader audience.

Anything related to healthy living is going to help you cast a wider net, then you can get more specific later on in your funnel.

3. Strike the Right Tone and Voice

Voice is an important part of any content creation project, especially healthcare writing. You need to know when you should have a tone and voice that’s professional versus more friendly.

No matter how professional or informal your tone is, you want to keep healthcare content positive overall.

You want to be empathetic and trustworthy, and you don’t want to focus on negative or scary things. Yes, you can offer facts, but do so along with ideas to help readers feel more in control or positive about whatever the situation might be.

4. Balance SEO Goals Carefully

Writing for healthcare will often be something you’re doing for purposes of SEO. You want to target keywords and phrases that people are looking for, but you have to keep up that balance between optimizing a piece of content and avoiding it feeling “clunky” in how it reads to a real audience that’s not an algorithm.

People want to come to you for answers and information, and more than ever, Google is looking at the intent of people searching for queries. Even if you only use a keyword or phrase once, if you can closely match the intent of people searching for it, your content is likely to rank well.

Much more important than SEO is building trust and authority with your readers, providing them relevant information, and answering questions they may have. When you build your content around those objectives, then it’s also going to be good from an SEO perspective in most cases.

5. Go In-Depth

It’s easy for your audience to find healthcare-related information on any subject they could possibly be looking for. That can seem overwhelming and leave you wondering how you set yourself apart. One thing you can do that’s going to make your content different and more appealing is going in-depth.

Make sure a good mix of your content is in long form. In one study, the first page results on Google, on average, had around 1,890 words. Give yourself the chance to really get into the nitty gritty of health topics for your audience.

6. Produce Video Content

Finally, when we talk about content creation, written content like blogs and guides might come to mind first, but don’t underestimate the value of video content. Videos are a good way to create engaging content and explore complex topics in a simplified and personable way that’s going to resonate with your audience.

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