6 Best Digital Marketing Tips for Better Lead Generation

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There are a ton of lead generation methods in the realm of online/digital marketing. So, which ones are the most promising ones?

6 Best Digital Marketing Tips for Better Lead Generation

In this post, we look at the 6 best methods for lead generations and the right way to approach those methods.

Here they are…

Online Lead Generation by Website Optimization

Remember – your website/landing pages are the online hub where most of your business transactions and activities will be happening. Therefore, you must take care of this central location. Studies tell us that a well-optimized site is one of the top 3 lead generation ideas.

If your website is not designed to encourage the desired action, then do not expect any kind of sales to come from your website.

But, what measures can you take to optimize your site and what exactly is a well-optimized lead generation site/landing page, anyway? Let’s take a look…

  • The navigation should be simple and encourage easy moving between pages so users can understand what the site is all about.
  • Extremely customer-centric, and highly focused content that helps customers with their buying decision.
  • Multiple, clear, and visually appealing CTAs that encourage an action such as downloading, subscribing, and contacting.
  • A design that allows your customers to better browse and understand product categorization as well as pricing filters.

Link Building

SaaS link building is an excellent lead generation and customer acquisition strategy. The reason why you would want to engage in link-building is that search engines look at backlinks pointing to a certain website as a currency.

It sees those links and thinks that the site must be credible and trustworthy. That’s why so many other websites are linking to and mentioning that site. Backlinks are even more powerful when they come from high-ranking sites with greater Domain Authority. Sites with good link profiles enjoy better rankings in SERPs.

As a result of consistent link building, in no time you’ll see a great impact on the quality of your leads as a growing number of people can find you.

While building links, it’s important that:

  • You reach out to relevant bloggers and websites in your niche
  • Maintain a mix of both average and high-ranking link profile
  • Incorporate all the right keywords
  • Provide quality content so users feel like coming to your website

Building a Mobile App

A mobile app is an excellent way to stay in front of your audiences. There’s so much you can do with a mobile app. Not only does it offer an avenue for you to establish yourself as a brand, but you also get a chance to provide a seamless experience with all your services available in one centralized platform.

Let’s not forget that an app is another excellent avenue from which you can generate a ton of traffic. That traffic, when handled correctly, finally converts into quality leads.

To make your app work, you must keep it simple, powerful, and easy to use. Also, make sure to provide your most winning services on your app. Reward your customers for downloading the app, give them discounts and regular offers to keep attracting new customers, and also retain the existing ones.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC is essentially a bidding system wherein you bid on certain key terms and search words. Different words (based on the amount of traffic they generate) carry different values.

Just like SEO, to come up with an effective PPC strategy, you must:

  • Focus on long-tail keywords
  • Set aside a budget and keep monitoring your performance
  • Try to be as specific with keyword selection as possible
  • Do competitor research using tools Google Keyword Planner and Ahref.

Make Sure That Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

Mobile is a huge source of leads. That’s because people are on their mobiles making queries day in and day out. More searches happen on a mobile device than they do on a desktop or a laptop.

Therefore, having a mobile site is no longer an option. In fact, Google prefers websites that look nice and load well on mobile. It rewards such sites by giving them better rankings as dictated by its Mobilegeddon update.

Just think about how many customers you’re missing if your site doesn’t load well on mobile. A smooth loading site on mobile gives an excellent opportunity for any business to attract leads and even turn them into paying customers. Especially if you incorporate the element of e-commerce, you could get big bucks to rain in.

On the other hand, if your site looks off and distorted on a mobile screen, it could be an alarming thing for your rankings which could, in turn, affect your leads.

While creating a mobile version of your site, be sure to –

  • Display only the most relevant content
  • Go with a mobile-first design
  • Avoid pages that you can do without
  • Make sure that the website is highly responsive. It’s better if you go with a separate stand-alone version for mobile

Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to remain one of the oldest forms of digital marketing and lead generation method. And, it’s likely to not go out of vogue any time. Fun fact – for every dollar that you spend on email marketing, you have the potential to earn about $44. That’s a huge ROI.

The first rule of email marketing is to get access to the user information as much you can possibly get hands-on. You can do that by placing opt-in forms on your website. You can place those either in the footer, header, or a pop-up on your website. You can create separate landing pages for that. Your main goal should be to build a subscriber list. It’s better if you avoid buying a subscribers list.

Remember – when you send out an email, most people would initially hardly be interested in whatever service/product you have to sell. Although you can use emails to share discounts, schemes, and offers; but it’s better if you use emails and newsletters to share interesting information and blogs. Anything that adds value to people. If you send too many sales-y e-mails, people might mark you as spam or unsubscribe you. That can be harmful to your campaign.

Bottom Line

Lead generation can be a tricky thing. It’s important that you keep doing A/B testing and keep fine-tuning your strategy. Look into the factors that customers respond better to and accordingly keep bettering your lead generation campaigns.

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