6 Awesome Tools to Make Amazing Videos

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Nowadays, more and more business enterprises prefer access the Internet for video marketing rather than the rigid marketing articles with only text. If you want to win in the fierce marketing battle on the Internet, you need to think seriously about making quality and creative videos for business. Here are 6 online video making tools that let you to make your videos easier and simpler suggested by mediamedic.studio

1. FlexClip


FlexClip is a new breakthrough online video creation tool in an easy and quick way. Unlike the other video maker online, it has no extra fees for any other features. All the features and resources are free to use. You can export your own videos with high resolutions of 1080p for free. You can add videos to edit them and combine them into a new video. Or just use image or background to make a sideshow to tell information to your visitors.

As you can see FlexClip has a very easy to use and clean storyboard. And it supports many image format like JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, ICO, WEBP and SVG; audio format like AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG; and video format like WAV while MOV, WEBM, M4V and MP4. Like other video makers, Flexible offers powerful editing features like trim, split, add text(animations), music logo, watermark, etc. If you want to know more about the results you can get with this tool FlexClip, go to its homepage and you can find several videos that have been created with the tool.


2. Biteable


This tool offers a very easy way for creating video animations. You can use several additional tools such as color, sound, photos, text in a very simple way. You can also use several template options that are already provided.

What is interesting is that you can also add your company logo to the video so that the final results of the video can be shared directly through YouTube, Twitter or Facebook with no illegal use. To access more features, you need to pay $276 every year to use this software.


3. PowToon


PowToon is a tool that presents a series of templates from which users can start creating their videos or start it from scratch. Each template presents a library that is relevant to. What is the best is that PowToon is constantly creating new designs and elements, which obviously benefit its users.

With PowToon, people can directly record their voice or upload a file from the computer. They can also upload their own music or images they want to. The free version has limited features and resources in this tool. If you want to make a video up to 5 minutes and make more videos using this tool, you need to pay at least $192 each year. The price is from $192/year to $1188/year. Choose the plan depending on your needs. When using these premium accounts, you will be provided with more advanced features, better resolution, more choices of music, longer videos and no watermark.


4. Flixpress


Flixpress.com is another ease to use video making tool for creating a quick video in a few minutes. Despite being a technically “lethargic” person, Flixpress can still help you create a raging video with templates available within minutes. This website also offers lots of video templates to advertise Facebook with very unique ideas. Some are free some are paid. It’s price is from $3.49/month to $129.99/month. It can be also paid annually for some discount.


5. Wideo


Like the previous tools I introduced, Wideo allows you to choose designs and styles from the preset ones, which users can use to create their own videos. Checking it, I think the interface is a little complicated. You may need to check its starting tutorial to move it forward. It allows users to upload their own images or audios. Its premium service can be also subscribed annually and monthly.


6. Animaker


This is one of my favorite video animation making tools because the usage is not too difficult and there are also templates available for me to choose. You just need to configure the content and then insert the text into the slide and the rest is left to the tool! The biggest advantage of Animaker is to support users with context, customizable video characters, effects, background insertion, etc. very flexible.

Similar to other online video makers, Animaker also has a Free package and a fee. In it, the Personal account costs $19/month, the Startup account costs $35/month and the Business account costs $59/month.

With those 6 awesome video making tools, hope you can create your own works for life memories, brand promoting and attracting more potential customers in the future. Good luck!

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