5 Romantic Anniversary Gift Ideas

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A Romantic Anniversary gift is a reminder to your partner of your commitment to one another and that you continue to value each other as the years go by. Flowers are an anniversary gift that never dates. While red roses indicate love, other varieties have special messages too, eg: pink roses indicate devotion, Yellow roses for joy and friendship etc. Your Flower shop can create a bouquet conveying the message of love that you want for your partner!

5 Romantic Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversaries are a personal celebration personal for you as a couple so, whether you want a simple bouquet of flowers or a lavish affair with all the bell and whistles, here are 5 Romantic Anniversary Gift Ideas to help make this anniversary the romantic occasion you will both remember whatever your budget.

1. Say it with Flowers

The secret messages of flowers is not confined to roses, many different flower varieties have equally distinct messages. Violets, orchids, tulips and carnations all have traditional secret meanings. You can also mark the years by the number of flowers you give a single red rose, beautifully presented, is just as romantic as glorious arrangements of fragrant blooms to fill your home! Visit your Flower shop and ask the florist to help create a beautiful bouquet with a very personal message for your partner. Beautiful flowers are gorgeous to receive, no matter what your budget.

2. Romantic weekend away

We all lead busy lives these days with little time to enjoy each other’s company. What could be more romantic than a relaxing weekend away to celebrate, unwind and reconnect with one another? This can be a surprise for your partner, or an occasion that you have both spent time planning together that you can both look forward to. Arrange, in advance, for a bottle of bubbly and flowers, maybe with an anniversary card for your loved one, to be waiting upon your arrival. A weekend away will be a romantic recharge to your batteries!

3. Relive a special place

Do you have somewhere that is special to you both, maybe the place where you met, got engaged, or were married? or is there a place that you both want to go? Be it a park, winery, restaurant or even a tropical island! Wherever it is, if it is significant and personal for you both, then celebrating there will be memorable.

4. A history of your life together

Consider the gesture of a romantic record of your life together to date? If going out isn’t your thing, then a memorable history of your relationship is a wonderful way to show your partner that you care and value them. A ‘memory book’ or photo album of shared memories or special moments is something that you will both cherish forever. This could be a yearly edition with moments from each year that you have been together to build into volumes as the years go by. A book of memories including photos or mementos such as concert tickets or brochures along with a bouquet of flowers representing the number of years you have been together is a beautiful way to celebrate your anniversary.

5. A gift that could come from no-one else

Put yourself in your partner’s shoes and think of what they would want – from you. An anniversary gift should be personal (not a kitchen appliance or tool!) and should reflect how your partner is very special to you so you want to please them with a very special gift. Choose an item to fit your budget – you won’t be thanks for blowing the budget when money is needed elsewhere! Consider what your partner likes; jewelry, perfume? Consider specifically what your partner likes eg. necklaces, earrings, rings, Chanel No.5 etc. This applies to both men and women. Maybe it’s music, then a specially complied CD or USB of favourite albums, musicians or special songs. A poem, either written by you, along with a favourite home cooked meal, or movie if you are a couple who loves staying in. Whatever it is, this is a special event that is relevant only to you and your partner – so make it personal and enjoy.

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