5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Axis Long Term Equity Fund

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Investment is a process through which you can bring growth to your stagnant money and can fulfill most of your future plans in a systematic way. When you earn, it is a mandate that you save a certain percentage of your money for the future when you are no longer working. Apart from the retirement benefits, it is also essential that you generate some wealth for you in an inflation-adjusted manner. If you let your money stay inactive in the vaults, the market will surpass its value in almost no time, and you will feel the devaluation later. So it is best to get your savings invested in the market to reap the benefits as early as possible, and the compounding growth of the money will surely make your financial health more stable.

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Axis Long Term Equity Fund

Hence, investment is surely one of the most important acts that you do to make your money grow in volume over time. Now the primary question becomes, how? There are many ways to adapt to achieve significant returns from the market. However, the most effective and suggested option has always remained the long term investments. In long term investments, the investor stands a chance to escape the randomness of the market as an extended frame of time is considered here. Once you decide to keep your money invested for long, the concern arises as with whom should you keep your money? Again, there are plenty of options available in the market and Axis long term equity fund direct growth is sure to be one of the best choices that an investor can make while assuring a decent return and short terms benefits as well. There are many aspects of life that everyone tries to be prepared for before hands like children’s education, medical emergencies, retirement benefits and much more. For people looking for a safe corner to let the money grow, Axis Long Term Equity Funds will be a smart and effective choice at any point of time. Followings are some of the advantages that are associated with this investment and make Axis long term equity a preferred choice for many.

1. It is an ELSS

ELSS stands for equity-linked saving schemes and has a good repute in the market a wealth generator. Most of the investor’s portfolios carry one or multiple ELSS to ensure a regularized return based on market moves. According to the financial experts as well, investing in ELSS always pays and the best part about this scheme is that capital appreciation remains almost guaranteed with the investments diverted to the large caps and some of the chosen midcaps. If someone makes an investment in ELSS, it requires primary stage researching regarding the company and the market involved, As long as Axis is there, the entire end to end researching and selection is done by experts and your money finds a secure shelf for itself. Hence, if you are opting for Axis long term equity finds, your savings will be dealt with by the experts making your returns guaranteed and massive in volume.

2. The 3 year Lock In period

Like any other ELSS, Axis long term equity fund also has the lock-in period of three years that makes it the shortest gestation period amongst the other long term investment option available in the market. Many of us shy away from keeping a lump sum locked over a stretched duration owing to the uncertainty of circumstances. If you opt for FDs, PPFs, NSCs and any other, the lock-in period is going to be much higher. If you are not willing to tax your liquidity amount for long, make sure that you choose Axis long term equity finds for beast returns over a shorter time. If there arises any emergency, you can use your hard-earned and long grown money for the purpose, and that will let you realize the real worth of having cash at the right time. There is no other long term investment option available in the market that exempts the investor from keeping the money locked for a substantial time other than this Axis long term equity funds.

3. The tax-saving component

Wealth management and growth in wealth are not only related to the volume increase of your money, but it also encompasses the indirect effects like tax saving in it. If you do not have to pay taxes on certain avenues of income, that surely increases your disposable income making your wealth status more healthy. Most of the long term market plans of investments come with the feature of taxability and makes them a less preferred choice for many. After attaining a certain income slab from those investments, your sum of return becomes taxable that reduces your effective income. Hence, a scheme that will not only bear good returns in the future but will also give you some tax benefits is always a preferred choice. Axis long term equity funds being of the nature of ELSS guarantees the same and accentuates your wealth both ways. For investors, looking forward to adding numbers to the saved money and reduce digits from the taxable income, this scheme is a smart choice with tax benefits and lucrative returns.

4. Equity with asset class benefits

To understand this fundament, one first needs to comprehend the real meaning of an asset. An asset refers to a property or a possession that grows in value over time. In most of the cases whatever we have accumulates depreciation over time that diminishes the face value of the product. But, there are always things that pay well in long terms. This appreciation in face value is mostly related to market appreciation as a whole. For example, a house, no matter how old, when sold always pays the owner a greater sum than its purchased value owing to the real estate appreciation values. Hence, long term investment plans that have the same ability to realize and consume market appreciation is the best form of investment and Axis long tern Equity fund is surely one of those. It has the power to beat the inflation and get adjusted accordingly to let the investor realize an inflation-adjusted value at maturity making him lose nothing.

5. Meet your future targets

The 3-year lock-in period for which the sum remains invested in equities always guarantee a secured investment minus the randomness of the market behavior. The fund manager always does a thorough analysis and keeps track of the intermediate volatilities of the market to understand the operations better and make the investment for profit yielding. Hence, all your future targets like the strategy for kid’s education, retirement benefits and much more can be well planned with axis long term equity funds.

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