5 Best Websites for UPSC Preparation

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Many candidates who prepare for the UPSC exam are office-goers. So, for them attending regular IAS coaching classes is difficult. How can they prepare? IAS aspirants, who can’t take regular IAS coaching classes or wish to prepare for the examination at home, can take help from Internet or Online IAS coaching.

IAS aspirants think that it’s impossible to crack the UPSC exam by preparing at home. Let me tell you, it’s a myth. Many IAS toppers have cleared India’s toughest exam by taking help of online study material and internet.

5 best websites for UPSC preparation

Toppers have always discussed the importance of self-study at home. It is very important in cracking the UPSC exam so no matter which IAS coaching institutes you have joined, you would have to work hard to make your dream come true.

Online IAS coaching and online study material are the best solutions for the candidates who want to start their IAS preparation immediately. Here is a list of 5 websites which IAS aspirants prefer for the UPSC exam preparation.

Elite IAS

Elite is one of the best IAS coaching in Delhi which has been grooming aspirants for decades. It provides the facility of online IAS preparation for students living outside Delhi and who wish to prepare at home.

  • The faculty of Elite IAS includes Bibhash Sharma (Sociology), Sanjay Singh (History), Gautam Kumar (Public Administration), Vishal Singh (Geography), and Bijendra Kumar Singh (Economics). They are a team of teaching professionals for more than 15 years of experience.
  • Online test series, sample papers, expert guidance, updated study material are available on the website of Elite IAS.
  • Interested students can take offline preparation test at Mukherjee Nagar between 10 am to 3 pm.
  • Online test series with proper explanation of the question, classroom videos of professionals, and PDF format study material is available for students taking online IAS coaching.

Shri Ram IAS study center

IAS aspirants from all over India are taking online IAS coaching at Shri Ram IAS study center. The unique study material of the institute is widely circulated amongst the budding IAS candidates. It is the second best coaching institute which provides the facility of online IAS coaching.

The website of Shri Ram IAS study center provides insight into the well-managed and professional team of the institute. The experts who come to teach in Shri Ram IAS study center are from different states of India like Patna, Lucknow, Delhi, and Hyderabad.

New batch of the institute would be available from 21st August which would consist of not more than 40 students. Online study material and video tutorial are available for the students interested in doing online IAS coaching.

IAS Baba

IAS Baba is doing a great job in encouraging students to take online IAS preparation classes. They have a perfect set up for aspirants looking for study materials online. It also provides offline classes in Delhi and Bangalore.

  • IAS Baba provides an opportunity for its students to get complete study material and professional guidance for all three recruitment phases of the UPSC—Prelims, Mains, and the Interview.
  • Their latest offer for 2019-2020 provides an incentive programme of 13 months. If the candidate qualifies the Prelims the second phase of the UPSC examination, the Mains is completely free of cost.
  • They provide Prelims test series, Mains test series, and expert videos for Personality Assessment test. The online IAS programme covers both Prelims and Mains.
  • The package of 40 GS test series, 10 CSAT, Main mocks, and many more is there in the Online IAS coaching programme.

Clear IAS

Clear IAS is a hub for IAS aspirants who are preparing by their own by using online study material. Nowadays internet has become a valuable part of our lives. It is now included in one of the basic needs of human beings. Clear IAS is closely following the trend of online IAS coaching and it has become one of the best platforms for aspirants studying from online sources.

  • You would have to enroll yourself in ClearIAS through its website. Once you are done with the first step it would provide Online Prelims Mock Series along with the links of IAS books for reference.
  • Along with Prelims preparation, you can solve Mains mock test paper. It is important to polish your writing skills.
  • Clear IAS provides the best of possible answers, analysis, and suggestions for Detailed Application Form or DAF, which is the most important thing in the interview.

Byju’s IAS

BYJU’s provides a platform to learn online. It provides both free and a paid Civil Services preparation course. Here are the things which include in the IAS preparation course of Byju’s.

  • Sample questions for Prelims and Mains.
  • Previous year question paper and updates syllabus.
  • The PDF files of NCERT and other reference books.
  • A proper study material with notes
  • A tablet to the enrolled students with videos, PDF files, and notes in it.

Start your preparation from today. Get yourself enrolled in one of these online IAS coaching programmes and experience success. All the best.

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