4 Reasons Why Data Centers are Necessary for Economic Growth

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Adapting and changing with times is not just imperative for humans but also for any service industry. We have seen immense technological advancement in last three decades alone. Since the Internet came into existence, it laid foundations for a new age Digital world. As time as progressed less than half of the world had accustomed themselves with pace of the developing technology. But the Covid-19 Pandemic literally forced the entire world to adopt the digital lifestyle(be it Work from home facility, digital payments, digital identification, online classes and what not). This digitalization movement forced even the technologically challenged person to change their ways and educate themselves to match the footsteps of this new age world. Digitalization has caused a steep rise in the numbers of free lancers, content creators, social media marketeers. Also, this world is producing millions into the workforce every year (Not just the IT sector, but also- banking, construction, pharma, education, media etc) which has resulted in huge volumes of Data being generated on the daily basis. The Words like Data and server have become a part of everyday conversations.

What is a server? And what exactly is Data? If any incognizant person were to ask. Well, in a layman’s term-Data is the collection of all forms of information stored in a suitable form apt for processing and movement. And Servers offers a physical hardware for the storage of this very same data, it is designed in way that it processes and delivers this Data to other clients or networks. Data is at the core functioning of the modern business world. The aftermath of this digitalization era has caused the scaling up of many businesses (Thanks to consumerism and capitalism), because of which the usually small dedicated server room in the office premises was no longer viable enough to catch up with their businesses expanding across the international borders. This is when small server room in corporations became redundant. Corporate infrastructure has gone through many layers of metamorphosis when it comes to Data rooms. From small rooms to small scale utility building to now it being manifested as a state-of-the-art infrastructure with majority of the space dedicated to server racks in large numbers stored under a controlled and carefully monitored environment. Data centre has become a critical component of the modern IT infrastructure. Experts and business Analysts believe Data centres is on the rise to become an independent business option for upcoming enterprises. Data centres are proving to become an integral element in boosting economic growth and here, are 4 reasons why Data centres are important for economic growth.

1. Go hand-in-hand with exiting and upcoming IT parks – IT park campuses as a whole module offer a deal of potential and advantages to the establishment and sustenance for the efficient functioning of any Data Centre. IT parks come with a commercial variety, in terms of services and scales of the corporation. This is when Data centers get to play an integral role as Data storage service provider. Due to their customizable and versatile functionality, they can cater to multiple businesses at once. A data center can cater to Retail businesses (medium to big corporations), enterprises (Banks, pharma companies etc.) and hyperscale (Google, Amazon etc.) corporations all at once and under one infrastructure. The main purpose of a Data centre is to store clientele Data in the server racks whilst providing uninterrupted Data transmission, that too at a high speed, which is crucial for Business continuity of all companies it caters to. Servers to access the data, store the data, sharing resources among multiple clients and provide for the functioning of various programmes. The best part about Data centers is that their services can be leased over a certain period of time. Multi-client use and scalability factor are the key advantages of any Data center. And what place would be better than an IT park to for the establishment of the Data centers. The ripple effect of this strategic development will cause the economic importance of that particular region to escalate to new heights. This helps in putting that region on the global IT map and establish its status as the ‘DATA HUB’. Such ‘Data Hubs’, can play a significant role in any nations economic development and elevating it’s global status. This helps in yielding potential international investors and buyers, which makes it confidence inspiring for any nation’s youth and local talent.

2. Security: Another key advantages of having data outsourced to any Data center is the security factor. Data centers offer top-of-the-class security both physical and cyber, thanks their efficient building management system. It takes of the burden from the backs of companies when it comes maintaining and ensuring uninterrupted working of servers for frictionless Data transmission while maintaining the integrity of their private data.

3. Ease of access: Most companies realised the importance of Data centres when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. This facilitated the work being done from home in spite of office premises being closed down. Since Data centres have their services to always ‘ON’ mode, this helps in data retrieval whenever a backup is required. Ease of access to past and present data makes the work more easy for business continuity. This particular feature has also impacted the lives of people on an individual basis. As it has facilitated work from home culture, also led to the creation a ‘Digital Nomad’ lifestyle. People are no longer tied to their office cubicles. People can work as per their convenience and pay their due attention to family and other aspects of life.

4. Boosts employment for niche sectors- Security is a top priority when comes to running a data center. Be it both physical and cyber. Data centers help in proliferation the Security Businesses- leading to hiring and training of more man power. Also proving beneficial in sales for security systems industries be it doors, scanner, CCTVs and other functional devices. Cyber security is the key element in the Data Centre ecosystem, so no doubt it will help increase demand for such private firms as well as freelance individuals. Data centers require constant temperature regulation due to heat generation. This calls for installation for top class cooling systems, benefitting the cooling industry as well as the vendors and distributors serving for any international brands locally.

This capacity of Data centers of employment generation and elevating the business deliverance of multiple service industry is the reason why Data centers are necessary for economic growth.

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