12 Tips for Improving Meditative Practice At Home

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If you enjoy meditating, then you might do it at home to relieve your anxiety after a difficult day at work. Meditation at home is a great way to overcome stress to avoid detrimental physical or mental conditions. There are always best ways to improve your at-home meditation, so you can use these tips to have better results from your meditative practices.

12 Tips for Improving Meditative Practice At Home

Tip 1: Use the Same Meditation Zone Each Day

Using the same meditation zone each day is a great way to enhance your meditative practice. Create a relaxing place to sit on the floor, or alternatively, you can sit on a chair. Make sure that this place is quiet, and also, make sure that it has no distractions.

Tip 2: Light a Candle

The flickering light of a candle is soothing, and it can help you to relax and focus on clearing your mind. You can use unscented candles, but you may prefer lighting candles that have an essential oil fragrance such as lavender or rosemary.

Tip 3: Meditate at the Same Time Each Day

If you meditate at the same time each day, then you will have better results. The time that you choose will depend on several factors. You might want to meditate in the morning, or you may prefer meditating in the afternoon after arriving home. Busy parents may need to meditate in the evening before going to bed.

Tip 4: Remove Clutter from Your Meditation Zone

Don’t try to meditate in a cluttered area with piles of books and laundry. Keeping your entire home more organized can help you to focus better, but it is especially important in your meditation zone.

Tip 5: Have a Mantra

When you have a mantra, it makes it easier to clear your mind. A mantra is a word that you use or a sound that you can make. If you find your mind wondering to troubling thoughts, then using the mantra will help you to refocus.

Tip 6: Listen to Quiet Music

If there are noises from outside of your home that are leading to distraction while you meditate, then you can listen to quiet music. For the most benefits, choose music that have lyrics on lyricsmaze.com.

Tip 7: Learn Specialized Breathing Techniques

Learning how to control your breath will eliminate the troubling thoughts from your mind along with reducing your blood pressure. With shallow breathing, you can have more benefits from your meditation.

Tip 8: Use Visualization to Improve Meditation

You can use visualization to improve your meditative practice. This involves thinking about your purpose for meditation, including remaining calm at work or thinking about changing your life.

Tip 9: Perform Mild Exercise First

Releasing the tension from your body before meditation can improve the outcome. You can perform mild stretching exercises or yoga postures to help you relax before you begin to meditate.

Tip 10: Use a Mala While Meditating

If you want to hold track of your mantras while meditating, then buy a mala. This is a string of beads that you count or move while you say your mantra a certain number of times.

Tip 11: Monitor the Meditation Zone’s Temperature

It is a good idea to have the correct temperature in your meditation zone. Having a space that is comfortable while you are meditating will keep your mind focused properly.

Tip 12: Avoid Distractions from Others

Teach your kids to leave you alone for a few minutes while you are meditating. If you’re meditation time happens while your kids are at school, you could install a doorbell camera and check to see if the person at the door is a solicitor or your kids. This minimizes unnecessary trips to the door which increases your meditation time. Another tip would be to make sure to silence all unnecessary phone notifications so you don’t feel like you need to check it every couple of minutes.

Keep Trying to Improve Your At-home Meditation

Continue to find ways to improve your at-home meditative practice to enjoy the physical and mental benefits from meditation.

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