10 Tips to Make the Most of Your Wedding Catering

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One of the biggest investments when it comes to the big day is catering. Food is something that can become pretty expensive, even if the wedding party is not particularly big. It is hard to skimp on food though because it will likely be one of the most memorable things of the night. So what are some tips for those looking to make the most out of their wedding catering?

10 Tips to Make the Most of Your Wedding Catering


Here are 10 ways to really put a unique twist on the food menu for the night:

1. Set a budget and stick to it

A person should be setting a budget for every little part of a wedding. Doing this is going to keep a person on track overall. This budget not only helps the couple getting married, but it also helps the caterer as they try to make things work.

They are actually usually pretty flexible overall, so a budget is going to be beneficial for them to get something tasty put together that might not cost as much.

2. Think about a theme for the food

Couples love to tie things together as much as possible during a wedding ceremony, from the dress code, wedding venues, wedding decorations and a lot more. That means, if something is meaningful to the couple, it can be part of the wedding overall.

Think about a food theme that might be special for the wedding. Maybe it has to do with the very first date or just food that is enjoyed by both. If it matches up with the overall theme of the entire wedding, it really brings everything together.

3. Have an accurate headcount

Sending out RSVPs and getting them back can be a huge hassle when planning a wedding, but they are important for planning purposes. They are going to be extremely important for those people who are planning a lot of food.

Budgeting per person as accurately as possible is going to be very beneficial. Leftovers might be tasty, but usually, that is some pretty expensive food overall that remains.

4. Don’t ignore place settings

When catering is mentioned, people usually only seem to think about eating. Food is obviously very important, but so is having a good place setting for each individual. Things like plates, glasses, and silverware all need to be provided, and caterers can do that. Just know that it is going to be a little bit more expensive and part of the price.

There are some people who go with other options for place settings, and that is perfectly fine. If that is the case, make sure the caterer knows so that they are not feeling like they are obligated to provide this service.

5. Consider all types of diets

There are seemingly more people than ever with dietary requirements, And everyone wants to be as accommodating as possible. It does not mean that a person has to change their entire thought process with the food, but having alternative options will be very beneficial.

For example, vegetarian or gluten-free options are going to be extremely valuable to have at the wedding. To save a little bit of money, ask if there are any dietary limitations in the RSVP. Going that extra mile for a few different guests are going to make all the difference in the world.

6. Feed the caterers

Everyone at a wedding is eating and having a great time, but sometimes the help can be overlooked. It is never required to feed the caterers and the staff in general, but it is a great gesture that usually does not go unnoticed by them. They work a lot of different events throughout the year, and they certainly remember the ones who treat them well.

Once they are done serving everyone else, it just makes sense for them to be able to sit down and have a meal to relax shortly. It’s definitely something everyone should extend to the people who make the wedding night possible.

7. Buffet options are fine

It can be difficult at times to settle on the exact menu for a wedding. Portions are also sometimes a bit out of control. A simpler solution? Buffet style eating.

Some might be completely opposed to this, but more people are buying into this solution. It allows a person who might not be that hungry to get a smaller portion without feeling wasteful. For those who are hungrier, they can get a bigger plate or a second plate.

8. Small touches can make a big difference

Take dessert for example. A lot of different things could be done with dessert to make it look fun and appetizing. Whether a dessert is presented well or is just a unique option in general, it is really cool for people to see something different at a wedding like that.

9. Have snacks available for later on

Weddings don’t end after dinner in a lot of cases. In fact, the party is just starting at that point. People usually start dancing, drinking and doing other things throughout the night. It just makes sense to have snacks available throughout the night as people get hungry again.

The snacks do not have to be anything elaborate, but they do need to have their own sense of uniqueness as well. Something that is quick and easy to grab is always going to be popular. So are things that might not be exactly healthy. Most people are not going to be considering their diet at a wedding, so a person can get away with eating a little bit unhealthy.

10. Don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions

Some people feel as though they need to have their wedding completely figured out. That’s just unrealistic. For those needing some assistance, whom better to ask for some advice than someone working in the catering business? A wedding caterer will know exactly what is needed for the right occasion.

They usually have a lot of ideas or ways to break ties up if a couple is considering two different options. They can also steer people away from things that might be a little bit too difficult to pull off.

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