10 Best Luxury Jewelry Brands in USA

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Jewellery is the most transformative thing which can take your look from day to night. Although we all give our best to maintain the most enticing jewellery collection still there are few brands which are meant only for royals as only a few elites can afford to buy the rare jewellery pieces. We have curated the list of best extravagant brands that are renowned for designing luxury jewellery which is meant only for few.

10 Best Luxury Jewelry Brands in USA

1. Tiffany & Company

As this is a prominent name among the multitudes or one can call it a celebrity brand because not everyone can afford this luxury brand. When it comes to jewellery then we all know that it’s not a cinch to get our mitts on this royalty due to its rare collection. The unique aspect of their collection is that it’s not just a women-centric brand but it also focuses on men and children. One can wear its jewellery without any occasion in their day-to-day life also which makes it stand out of the box.

2. Buccellati

The Roman Roots are celebrated by Buccellati and has imbibed the radiance of elegance in its exclusive collection jewellery. The extravagant jewellery is made from Italian gold that brings the aroma of opulence and luxury. Buccellati is a Roman-based Jewellery Company and so its designs are inspired from Roman panache incorporated in their collection and please also check this milgauss

The hot-selling products are Roman styled necklaces and bracelet cuffs that entice many of us but only affluent class manages to own one. To make their jewellery designs more appealing they come up with designs like brushing and mattifying metals and heavy coating using superior quality gemstones and diamonds.

3. Piaget

This is another renowned name of the list as an average person is quite familiar with this luxury brand who designs attracts many of us. Piaget was commenced as a watchmaking company in the Swiss, Jura. But slowly and steadily it proved to be a far-reaching brand and augmented as jewellery brand. Soon the brand has excelled in this venture as well and emerged as a luxury brand with its lavish jewellery collection that only privileged class can afford.

4. Bvlgari

Bvlgari is unarguably a well-known brand of the affluent class whom product focuses from fashion to watches and jewellery. The collection of Bvlgari is a concoction of elegance and extravagance that exudes tradition. Even till date, the emphasis of the brand is to feature large gemstones for centrepieces, matchless shapes, and the use of cabochon stones as this was the tradition that dates back to the 1960s Italian glamour. Its glistening and rare collection won our heart already but if we are born with a silver spoon one can surely get their mitts on its exclusive collection.

5. Graff

Graff is another popular superfluity brand that is chiefly among the rich and elite. Well, if you are pondering over the thought that what made Graff occupy its position in the list is not just its remarkable craftsmanship. You can check out the best designs of jewelry and order it in the comfort of your house also enjoy great discounts and offers by looking for some overstock coupons online. The real luxury is the quality of the metals and gold used but also the huge size of the gemstones used in its jewelry maybe because Mr. Graff’s penchant is that way only.

6. Mikimoto

The founder of Mikimoto is Kokichi Mikimoto who is not just famous for his high-class collection but he is renowned for commencing and propagating the use of cultured pearls in crafting jewellery pieces. Mikimoto made its way to the list because of its fondness for sublime pearls which are very prudently selected which includes South Sea pearls. Tahitian pearls, white pearls, pink conch pearls and various other rare specimens. Furthermore, the Mikimoto’s jewellery line uses only 18K gold and platinum for making the scintillating jewellery. As not to mention they use top grade diamonds and the finest silk threads which are being used to make pearl jewellery.

7. Van Cleef & Arpels

It was formed when Estelle Arpels and Alfred Van Cleef decided to make it a permanent collaboration and Van Cleef & Arpels emerged as top luxury brands of jewellery. When you can clearly see the elegant flippancy in its collection they also have another line of items that radiates its own uniqueness and style. The brand features a huge collection that is a fusion of class, tradition, elegance and uniqueness that is imbibed with the help of technical expertise.

8. Cartier

This is again another familiar name in the list as we have seen and heard it from past many years. The brand was founded in 1860 and is a go-to jewellery house for only the royals who are the penchant of having customized jewellery. The design that is most detectable design is panther which is most of the time restyled and re-conceptualized every now and then to entice the ever-changing demands of the customers.

9. Harry Winston

When someone talks about jewellery the name that immediately comes is Harry Winston that resonates the true meaning of jewellery. The brand Harry Winston started in 1932 and since then it has topped the list. Apart from its exclusive collection designed by the masters of craftsmanship it also incorporated best gemstones and sublime metals to design the magnificent jewellery.

10. Chopard

Apart from making Swiss luxury watches, Chopard is the house of a luxurious jewellery collection that is made from the finest quality of diamonds and metals. The pieces that are exclusively designed for daily wear is made of thick layers of 18k gold and precious stones of the highest grade. The pivot of the Chopard’s jewellery is the precision and intricacy of the design that adds superfluity to its collection.

Jewellery Always Fits

Jewellery resonates ancestral roots and significance of history but today, people incorporate jewellery for tremendous reasons as some wear it to accessorize or match with their attire others may wear it to express their own style statement. But few jewellery pieces made by luxury brands are meant only to exude opulence and so it’s owned by elites. The aforementioned jewellery brands are a symbol of royalty and class and popular in the US.


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