10 Amazing Things You Wouldn’t Have Guessed About Blocked Drains

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There is nearly an unlimited number of ways that drains in your home can become blocked or clogged. Many of the ways in which they get blocked would come as quite a shock to homeowners. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the amazing things that you would never have guessed could cause your drain to become blocked. If you have a drain that is no longer working properly then should get it unlocked right away. Leaving a drain working improperly can put pressure on other aspects of your plumbing, leading to unnecessary systemic damage. Call Definitive Plumbing Canberra if you need a professional and certified plumber to come out and fix any of your blocked or clogged drains.

10 Amazing Things You Wouldnt Have Guessed About Blocked Drains


10 Amazing Things You Wouldn’t Have Guessed About Blocked Drains

1. Bird Nest Blockages – If you own a house that hasn’t been inhabited for a long time, then you’ll probably be amazed to know that birds often find open pipes to be the coziest of all nesting homes. Birds will transfer sticks, grass, twigs, leaves, chunks of moss, or even small pebbles into your drain pipe. Once their eggs hatch and they move on, they obviously do not take their nesting materials with them. You would be shocked to discover just how birds nests are pulled out of clogged plumbing pipes.

2. Spider Webs – Who would have thought spiders were capable of plugging up a drain. Well, ask any plumber and they’ll tell you that a spider is more than capable of clogging a drain, and it even happens quite often. Spiders, especially large ones, can entrap large insects in their webs or even lizards and small rodents. When they move on to their next prey, they leave the former dinner behind tangled up in the web. All of this often takes place in drains or plumbing pipes. Once enough dead insects or other spider dinners have stockpiled in the web within your drain, it will become severely blocked.

3. Dead Rodents – Plumbers pull dead rodents out of blocked drains all the time. How they got there in the first place is usually a mystery, however, they’re more than capable of doing so in order to seek out water to drink. Once down deep in your plumbing, you’ll turn on the water and then sadly the rodent will drown. The dead rodent will then become lodged in the plumbing drain, with standard drain declogger having little to no effect at getting the water flowing again. If a dead rodent is inside of your plumbing, then chances are a professional plumber will need to unblock the drain.

4. Soap Residue – You would probably be amazed to learn that one of the most common substances that blocks drains is soap residue. Most people would probably think that soap cleans drains, just like it cleans our bodies. This is not the case. Soap instead leaves a residue build up on the inside of pipe drains that continues to compound over time until the drain becomes completely plugged up. Thankfully a standard product like Drain-o can easily flush the soap residue away and restore your drain to proper working order.

5. Tree Roots – You would probably be amazed to know that another common way in which drains become clogged is by living tree roots. Trees are fantastic organisms when it comes to seeking out moisture. What better way for a tree to get access to water then by spreading its roots through your drain pipes. A tree will often force its roots through the smallest hole or crack in a drain pipe. Sadly, this occurrence can cause immense damage to a home plumbing system.

6. Dead Snakes – In places where snakes are very common, they will often drown in drain pipes similar to how rodents will. Snakes do not like the heat, so they will slither into a cool damp drain pipe and use the place as a shelter away from the hot sun. Once they’re in there, it is not uncommon for them to drown when someone turns on the water. Once the snake is dead in your pipe, it can be extremely difficult to get it out of the pipe, especially if the snake is quite large and squeezed into the pipe in the first place.

7. Sand Buildup – You will probably be surprised to know that every time you shower, a little bit of sand from dirt, especially from your feet, washes down into your drain. Sand is typically heavier than water, so it will find ways to deposit itself in flat spots in your drainage system. Once there it will clog up your drain and can become very difficult to get rid of.

8. Fat Blockages – This is one of the more disgusting ways that a drain can become plugged. Human feces contains a fairly large amount of fat and grease. Over time this fat and grease will begin to build up on the inside of your drain pipes. Over decades these pipes can become completely clogged, often needing professional intervention in order to get them flowing normally again.

9. Trapped Fish – While it is a somewhat rare occurrence for a fish to become lodged in a drain pipe, it does happen from time to time. This is especially true if your central water lines are fed by streams, creeks, or semi-underground water source. A fish can occasionally enter your fresh water plumbing and later swim its way into becoming lodged in a drain pipe, especially if the fish dies.

10. Bath Salts – Contrary to what you might have assumed, bath salts do not just completely dilute within your bath water. Once the bath is emptied they leave a coating along the entire inside of your drain. If used enough, the drain residue they leave behind will slowly clog your pipe. When purchasing bath salts be sure to use brands that are less likely to ruin your home’s plumbing system. There are certain bath salts brands that advertise themselves as being plumbing safe.

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