Virtual Event Ideas

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With the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic not only did our businesses got disrupted and affected but it has also brought some major breakthrough changes in our day-to-day lives. These are the times when going virtual has become a necessary part of our lives. Work from home has become the new normal for the corporate world, while on the other hand from industrial to educational almost every sector has become friendly with this virtual gathering. Most businesses have adopted this virtual medium to sustain and recover. Thus, virtual events have been incepted globally due to it. In the last two years, these virtual events have shown tremendous growth and rise. To draw the attention and interest of employees, various web development companies, and organizations are coming up with various innovative and unique virtual event ideas. With planning and dedication, they are holding these virtual events in order to engage more often with their employees or students. The main goal of virtual events is to increase the productivity of the employees and gear up their workforce and spirit. It will also help to reinforce the ability to perform for your remotely working team in long term. Modern equipment and tools like video wall singapore play an important role in the success of any virtual event.

What is a Virtual Event

A virtual event is an event that is conducted online to engage and interact with people. In other words, the event and its content experienced by an individual is online with the help of a webcam rather than meeting in-person or physical gathering. Whether it’s a webinar or a webcast virtual events can be anything from virtual meetings to virtual conferences, virtual tradeshows, virtual classes, virtual job fairs, expos, training, and many other fun events or company gatherings. The planning of virtual event ideas should be thus done strategically as there is no face-to-face interaction is happening and it’s quite a tough job to keep the audience hooked in such an online space.

Virtual Event Ideas for Online Gatherings

Hosting a virtual event is one of the toughest and most challenging jobs to do. The engagement of the attendee is one of the greatest barriers while planning to host a virtual event. Unlike in-person gathering, people feel less interaction and shows less interest in such online events. But if the virtual event planning is done by considering effective strategies, valuable and relevant content, the right platform with proper tech-savvy tools, etc. then it will surely be going to engage more attendees effectively. Virtual events require the same sort of effort and strategies as physical events.

Some of the interesting, creative and efficient virtual event ideas for online gatherings are –

● Q & A During Session

Whether its a virtual conferencing or a webinar attendees always do have some questions in their minds. You should give them a chance to them to ask their doubts and questions. You can simply opt for a chatbox for this Q & A session or you can also perform it in some kind of fun activity at the end of the session in order to satisfy their curiosity. Also, you can invite an expert in the related field for the Q & A series.

● Educational Workshop

Consider hosting an educational workshop for the participants. While we talk about the corporate world you can always host a leadership workshop or seminar which can help employees to motivate and increase their workforce. For the students or other aspirants, educational workshops can help in learning and upgrading to new skills. Educational workshops can always prove to be one of the great virtual event ideas.

● Health and Well-Being Activities

A virtual guided meditation or wellness event can be incorporated for a change of pace for the attendees. Because of the strike of the pandemic, a lot of people today are already struggling with their physical as well as mental health. On top of that being continuously stuck to the screens can cause screen fatigue and lack of focus too. In order to relieve their stress and regain their focus, you can provide them with a meditation session or a fun workout break.

● Virtual Games and Competitions

Online office games are one of the most popular and important fun activities in virtual events. It can include many fun activities such as ice breakers, trivia, bingo, identification questions, or some brain tests. Other mini-competitions or challenges you can give to your participants in order to achieve goals in a certain amount of time. Offering them a prize or an award at the end of the games or challenges will boost their morale to work with more efficacy.

● Virtual Concerts or Comedy Shows

For the well-being and engagement of your attendees consider entertainment as one of the effective virtual event ideas. Entertainment is a thing that brings people together as they share their interests together and it adds a fun element to the event too. You can either hire a good musician or a band, a dancer or a dance group, or a DJ for the live online shows. You can conduct a good comedy show as well or hire an event entertainment company.

● Virtual Movie Night

Introduce a live streaming channel to the participants by simply sending them links so that everyone can watch a movie together. However, it seems quite impossible to watch movies together on a virtual platform. But you can make it simple by just appropriate planning. You can make the audience vote for the selection of movies and timings so that everyone can watch it at the same time together in their own comfort places. They will not be physically present there together but still, they can vibe together with these kinds of virtual event ideas.

● Learn Skills Together

Learning new skills turns out to be more fun and interesting when you are accompanied by more people. Hence you should also host some team-building activities such as photography tutorials, cooking lessons, self-defense classes, art and craft classes, drawing or painting, writing workshops, and many more. This will not only help these guys to learn and get training about new skills or subject but they will also learn to work as a team or in unity. They will collaborate together and help each other to perform well.

● Virtual Magic Show

A magic show is also an engaging and entertaining way to get your audience to enjoy it together. This amazing and interactive magic show can lead the audience to a complete Wow moment. The magic, mind-reading, and unexpected moments that create a sense of wonder among the audience will definitely give a unique experience to people.

● Awards and Badges

Always try to do something innovative in order to give your participants and audiences a good recognition or some kind of reward. Whether it’s an employee or a student or anyone who is investing his/her time in your virtual events giving them a gesture of appreciation or recognition is very important in order to make them feel they’re valued. Conducting virtual recognition/appreciation walls by putting their names on the board and a shoutout to the employees will improve and keep up the morale to work and succeed further. Recognizing them with awards and badges for their performances and achievements or providing them certifications and rewards after completion of any course or training will make them feel more appreciated and motivated to do hard work. A simple ‘Thank You’ or ‘Cheers for Peers’ note posted on the virtual wall is also a sign or gesture of appreciation towards them.

● Sponsored Giveaways

For improving participation or encouraging audiences to engage more with your virtual events you can consider sponsored giveaways as one of the best virtual event ideas. They will get an opportunity to win some exciting prizes such as Ipads, AirPods, Wireless speakers, and so on from the sponsored brands or companies. This will increase more engagement and focus of the audience on the virtual events. A sense of excitement will get created as the winners will be announced at the end of the event.

Wrap It Up

Perfect virtual event ideas are those which consider or emphasize the audience. The more you know about what works best for your audience the more successful and productive your virtual event will be. Just make sure that the technology and tools you’re using are hassle and glitch-free otherwise it will not work out in a prominent way. Also, you can conduct a survey among them to better get to know their preferences and area of interest. Virtual events are just a way to show your attendees that they’re valued.

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