Top 10 Zoom Games That Teachers Can Play with Their Students

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For any teacher, it is important to make the learning experience as seamless and fun as possible. And one of the best ways to do that is through games. You see, games will allow you to bond with your students. It will help break the ice. And when that happens, students will be able to freely interact with not just you but also with their classmates. Therefore, it is certainly something that you should consider trying. After all, it will help students learn better.

Top 10 Zoom Games That Teachers Can Play with Their Students

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Top 5 Zoom Games for Teachers to Play with Their Students

As the world is still combating the coronavirus, students are taking their classes remotely over Zoom. This is the perfect opportunity for teachers to introduce them to the fun side of teaching by playing games on the platform. Plus, it will allow them to turn boring classes into engaging ones. With that said, here are the top five games for teachers that they can play with their students.

#1. Hangman

Let’s start off the list with a simple game called Hangman. It’s really easy to play, and your students will love it. What happens in this game is that one person thinks of a word and tells how many letters it has while asking the other players to guess what the word is. Every wrong answer will bring the players close to losing as one part of the hangman will be drawn each time they fail to guess the word. It will certainly make your students excited.

#2. Zoomed In Picture Guessing Game

This is easily one of the favorite games of students. In this game, all you have to do is show zoomed-in pictures of different things, whether it be animals or fruits. And then, you will have to ask your students to closely look at the images shown and then record their respective guesses. When all of the pictures have been shown, you can ask your students to reveal their guesses. Whoever guessed it right the most wins the game.

#3. The A-Z Game

This game allows students to think at supersonic speed and can get quite competitive. What happens in this game is that you assign a topic of your choice to the students and then will have to race to think of as many words as possible; one for each letter of the alphabet. Hence it is called The A-Z Game. You will have to make sure that whatever words they are coming up with relates to the topic. For instance, if the topic is fruits, then they should be thinking of words like A: Apple, B: Berry, C: Calabash, etc.

#4. I Spy

I Spy is a great game that enables students to sharpen their observation and vocabulary skills. What happens in this game is that a student says, I spy something… and then they will either say the color of the item or the first alphabet of the item. The other students will then have to figure out what the item is. Whoever guesses it correctly will then get to have a turn.

#5. Logo Quiz

There is nothing better than involving your students in a trivia game. You can split your students into different teams. And then whoever scores the most wins. But what game should you play? Introducing Logo Quiz. It is a simple yet entertaining game that will get the students into competitive spirits. You just have to display the logos on the screen and ask for the teams to guess them.

#6. Guess the Sound

Your students will love this game. It will help improve their listening skills. The way how this game works is that you will play a series of different sounds. And tell your students to write their answers down a piece of paper with every clip that you play. In the end, ask them to reveal their answers. Whoever gets the most answers right wins the game.

#7. Whose Weekend

This game is really fun! Whose Weekend will show how better the student knows their classmates. It is a perfect game for Monday morning. The way this game works is that you will ask your students to send you a private message explaining what they did over the weekend. You can then read those messages aloud, asking them to guess who did what on the weekend.

#8. Finish the Story

Finish the Story is a great game that will allow your students to stretch their imaginations. You can start the story by writing a sentence but don’t complete it and then present it to the students via the whiteboard feature. After that, you can select any student to complete the sentence and then start a new one for another student to complete it. This will continue until the story is complete.

#9. Odd One Out

This game will get everyone excited. In Odd One Out, your students will be singling out words that do not fit in a category. For example, mango, peach, apple, coat, and banana. In this case, the odd word is coat, as it is not a fruit. It is a part of clothing. Therefore, it shouldn’t be in the category.

#10. Pictionary

It is one of those games that can get the entire class involved. You can make different teams of students. And then ask a person from one team to draw something on the screen, and the others will have to guess it. Whichever group does it correctly will get the point. And then at the end, the team with the most points will be declared winners of Pictionary.


Classes don’t have to be boring anymore. With Zoom, teachers now have the option to interact with their students much better. They can play the aforementioned games to make the learning experience more fun. Plus, it will serve as a great way for everyone to know each other better.

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