Make Every Occasion Bigger, Better And Happier Just By Sending Love And Gifts To Your Special Ones!

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Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love and romance. 14th Feb is the time when everyone tells their feeling to their loved ones. It is the when we show our love and care for them. Though love needs to be celebrated everyday but Valentine’s Day feels a little different. As it specially holds this purpose of expressing emotions and singing our hearts our.

If you are new in a relationship you still don’t know your partner that well. Which brings you to the dilemma of what to plan. And if you are in a long term relationship, you must be looking for something new and unique for your partners, fight. Or maybe long term couples don’t feel the need of celebrating these things but this year you should try breaking this rule and do something special for each other. Worried about planning? Come on! We are right here for you to give mesmerizing suggestions to make your Valentine’s Day special with your partner!

Love wins over distance, wanna know how?

Now that Valentine’s Day is just few days away, you must tighten your belts and start planning! For the couples living in the same city it is a little easier to celebrate Valentine’s Day together. Although Covid has forced everyone to change their plans. Still when you live in the same city you have that chance to go and see each other whenever you want to, you can go on dates, and do things together. But the ones living in a long distance relationship, it is so tough for them to manage things. Long distance relationships indeed makes us realise the value of spending time together. The wait is so worth it. But it sometimes get really upsetting, especially during these times. People who are in a long distance relationship and are reading this must be feeling the same, right? But don’t worry, ‘cause there are many things you can still do for your beloved without going out! No matter which part of the city you are living in, be it Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, or even Chennai! Yes, you read it right! Now Valentine’s Day Gift Delivery in Chennai is also possible and has become easier with Oye Gifts. You can indulge yourselves in plethora of lovely and romantic ideas. You can get all your gifting needs fulfilled with just a single click. Several ideas of gifting you can give a thought to are listed right below for you!

Personalised Lamps – You can buy paired lamps. So that Whenever you touch one of the lamps, the other one will light up, by which your loved ones will know that you are missing them.

Customised Mugs – You can add cute messages on the mug for your bae. It will keep reminding them of you.

Flowers – Flowers are the most famous and never fading way to send live and express feelings for your loved ones.

Long Distance couple bracelet – get your love engraved on the bracelet and send one to your better half and keep the other one for yourself!

Gift Hampers – If you are looking for a lovely useful present, you can send beauty hampers, men essentials hamper, and other hamper filled of everything of your partners choice!

Gifts are a major part of any celebrations. To instantly change the mood of your loved ones and surprise them, gifts can help you in the best way possible. Since times are tough and moving out is a little risky best way to celebrate Valentine’s day is by sending gifts online. With so many facilities including same day delivery it has become more convenient. So let’s fine a perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for your beloved!

Flower/ Chocolate Bouquet – Valentine’s Day without flowers is so incomplete. Take help of beautiful, fresh flowers to make your day special!

Pendant – women are really fond of jewellery and they van make them so much happy!

Cake and Teddy combo – looking for a cute gift? People who’ve just started their relationship looking for something cheesy and cute. Here it is! A perfect combo for Valentine’s Day!

Portable Bluetooth speaker – If your boy loves music! Gift him a stylish and handy Bluetooth speaker and make him happy!

All in one hamper – get together everything your partner need. For men you can have a perfume, pen, diary, laptop bag, wallet. If you’re looking it for your wife you can add make up stuff and other thing. And to make it more romantic add a rose to the hamper!

Options are endless, but not the needs! Fulfil needs of your better halves with utmost love by gifting them what they need and what makes them happy! So what are you waiting for? Hurry up!

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