Looking to Switch from your Shared Server? Choose Dedicated Server India by Serverwala

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Whether you are an expert or tyro in business, you too begin your business journey by launching your website on a small web hosting platform like shared hosting. This is because of budget-friendly and cheapest plans. But as the website grows with the passing time, it is most important to know when you need to upgrade your resources or what’s the right time to switch to a Dedicated Server India.

You will get the solution to this confusion if you go through the reasons to switch your hosting at first. For instance, your site may face heavy traffic or require more security with upgraded resources. Then an India Dedicated Server is the perfect choice that comes with industry-leading services along with standard security and robust infrastructure that boost web page loading speed.

Choose Dedicated Server India by Serverwala

This guide lets you know more principal aspects of Dedicated Server Hosting in India and which web host you should consider for buying the affordable hosting plans with plenty of services. Let’s Begin!

Explanation of Dedicated Server Hosting

The Word Dedicated defines everything about itself. A completely devoted Server for your own site that meets your business requirements is called a Dedicated Server. In Dedicated Server India, all the resources and services such as Random Access Memory, disk space, and bandwidth are completely yours. No one has the right to share with their websites. The hosting gives you reliable network efficiency, unmatched speed, high-end security, optimal performance, and much more. Along with these, it provides you complete control over your Server to make the hardware configurations, setup, and custom software installations.

Regardless of this, you can have the best choice to go with the Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting plans. If you have time to monitor and maintain your website, go with the unmanaged Dedicated Server plans. Else, a Managed Dedicated Server India is the best choice in which the web hosts handle everything from site maintenance, updates, security to nightly backups.

This Server is lucrative for your website by furnishing you with an array of services. But why shared Server not. So, let’s take a look at the difference between both to make a clear vision about both.

Dedicated Server vs. Shared Server

Dedicated Server and Shared Server are both web hosting types but completely different in terms of benefits, features, affordability, and so on. For better understanding, you can see the difference between both in the below mentioned table.

Dedicated Server vs Shared Server

So, as you have seen, Dedicated Server India offers you a broad range of services with greater support and better functions rather than shared hosting. It might be an expensive one but give you advanced resources and services with easy upgrades.

FeaturesShared HostingDedicated Hosting
Server Hosted SitesHost Multiple Websites on a Single physical ServerHost only one website on a Server
SecurityLess Secure because of Data SharingHighly Secure because of Dedicated Resources
BandwidthLimited BandwidthUnlimited Bandwidth
AdministrationRestricted Access optionsPermissions with smooth access
Root Level ControlRestrictedAllowed
RAMLimitedHigher RAM(upgradable)
Disk StorageLimited StorageHuge SSD Storage
Performance and SpeedLow performance and slow speedOptimized performance with Unmatched Speed

Moreover, you can now know the top reasons to get the Best Dedicated Server India for your web hosting business or boosting your business growth.

Reasons to get the India Dedicated Server

You can also host a regular server from your own computer. But the disadvantage of doing this is you must have to face a slow speed, poor performance, and unreliable network connectivity. So, this may lead to shutting down your computer when you work a little more on it. Therefore, if you want a reliable internet connection with supercharged power, then you should choose the Dedicated Server in India.

This is because a Dedicated Server India is well known and most popular for serving the blazing fast speed and optimized performance than the rest of the web hostings. You can think of owning the hosting without letting right to anyone interrupt you.

Dedicated Server provides you the principle features:

  • 24/7 guaranteed Uptime
  • Faster Connection Speeds
  • Malware scan and Removal
  • Instant Provisioning
  • Quick Maintenance
  • Rock-Solid Security

Now let’s proceed by knowing which web host is best for your business.

Why choose Serverwala for India Dedicated Hosting

Why choose Serverwala for India Dedicated Hosting

Once you decide which web hosting you want to choose, another important step is to find out the best and reliable web host that gives you compelling and robust services with 24*7 support. I would like to recommend Serverwala as one of the best data centers, providing plenty of useful web hosting services and the best in company standard resources. Let’s know more about the web host.

About Serverwala

Serverwala Cloud Data Center is one of the leading and renowned web hosting providers that successfully established their business in 2012, India. The company explores business rapidly with the growing world and establishes its branches in Surat and Nasik while serving the intense resources and world services worldwide. Also, the company was awarded for being the best services provider. Moreover, the platform provides different kinds of hosting such as Shared Server, Cloud Server, Cluster Server, VPS Hosting, Best Dedicated Server Hosting India, colocation server etc.They provide an array of exclusive services with their every hosting packages at an affordable price, including optimal performance, unmatched speed, high uptime, unlimited bandwidth, hardware specifications, network efficiency, security, backups, and much more.

Features of its Dedicated Server in India

The company is best known for serving the following features with the Dedicated Server Hosting India package. Let’s take a deep closure to it.

Free Migrations

Easy migration services if you want to switch or migrate your existing hosting to the Best Dedicated Server India hosting. The experts will help you with every step and do easy migrations at free of cost for you.

Powerful Servers

The company provides robust hardware and software configurations to give you seamless performance and unmatched web page loading speed.

Host Unlimited Websites

Like Shared Hosting, you won’t have limitations. You can host unlimited websites on your Server with the Dedicated Server India.

Choice of Operating System

You are flexible to choose your choice of operating system from windows or Linux with your web hosting at a cost effective price.

Control Panel

Easy to go with any user-friendly and budget-friendly control panel to employ its broad range of options, i.e Plesk panel with Linux and Control Panel with Windows operating system.

SSH Root Access

Control and configure server settings by yourself without any interruptions and third party assistance with complete root-level access.

Dedicated IP

Dedicated Server India gives you an entire unique platform to host your website, so it would be easy for your audience to reach your website with your site URL in one click.

Server Management

Entire server control in your hands lets you manage and handle your server and website’s server management system.

Service Level Agreement

With every hosting package, you get the free of cost Secure Socket Layer certification and Service level Agreement in order to ensure high data encryption.

High Performance Guaranteed

Being overloaded with fully reliable and compelling services and resources, dedicated servers ensure guaranteed performance by letting you face a single second downtime.

Free Setup without any Contract

The company has a highly skilled and experienced team of experts who are willing to set up within a few moments of your order placement while ensuring not to bind you in any contracts.

You can enjoy these exclusive features if you choose the reliable suggested web host for your dedicated hosting.

Plans & Prices

Plans & Prices

The Company Serverwala Cloud Data Centers provide you enterprise-grade services along with customer-focused support to goal-specific industries at an affordable price. The Cheap Dedicated Server India comprises all the exclusive and premium resources with prominent features at their best price for their potential customers and valued patrons. So check and pick the Cheapest Dedicated Server India plans and packages in order to employ benefits and make a high ROI from the worthwhile services.

Client’s Words

Clients Words

Examine the Serverwala reviews posted on the highly rated and top brand websites by potential and happy customers.

Final Words

You can see from the high caliber benefits, exclusive features, affordable plans, and potential customer reviews that Serverwala accomplishes your business demands from scratch when it comes to the Best Dedicated Server in India hosting. You can opt for the managed dedicated Server by paying a little high cost to experience hassle free maintenance and support. Thus, enjoy the dedicated and user friendly environment for rapid business growth.

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