Learn How To Stay Cool In 7 Various Jackets

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Jacket has always been a cool fashion item ever since the middle ages. And as time progressed, more and more designs and variations have been discovered and embraced by consumers from here and there. Amidst those transformations are different insights on why people wear jacket — either to fight the cold weather or to style up or can be both. These days, jackets are continuously making histories in revolution of fashion industry. Here’s a list on how you can play it cool by wearing these types of jackets:

1. Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket

Leather itself is absolutely cool. It began to gain attention in fashion industry when it was first designed and worn for motorbike-riding scenes of different stars from the iconic Hollywood action films. This wardrobe characterizes a strong and manly personality which perfectly fit the essence of an action star. Brown leather jackets look stylish with plain dark grey shirt and cool glasses giving you a hoodlum vibe from the outside.


2. Hoodies


Hearing the term cool draws a picture of man wearing a hoodie jacket in my head. Apparently, hoodies are designed as a streetwear for maximum comfort and style. The objective is to stay hype and fashionable even on winter seasons when all you can wear is a pair of thick outer garments. To achieve the comforting sense, the cuffs are created to prevent the heat from coming out. Add a little spice to your hoodie outfit by matching it with washed ripped jeans and some old-school sneakers.


3. Varsity Jacket

Varsity Jacket

Varsity jackets will give you the nostalgic feels from your college era. As they say, varsity jacket was originated in Harvard University wherein it was worn by players of the baseball team. Until it was later noticed as a piece of fashion item from which it began to undergo tons of twist and transformation from the ordinary sports uniform to an exemplary fashion wardrobe for men. To highlight the varsity jacket, try to wear any bottom with dark hues. Always unbutton the jacket to highlight the contrary shirt from the underneath layer. The reading glasses will give you a preppy style. The good thing about this versatile jacket is you can match it with either a pair of sneakers or some casual sporty shoes. Hence, you can be casual, preppy, or sporty at the same time.


4. Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket

Denim has been around since 1800’s when Levi Strauss, the Denim Father, originated the Levi Trucker Jacket. Denim will always give you that cool atmosphere whether for casual vibes in summer or snow seasons. During summer, you can pair your denim jacket with any casual jeans and Stan Smith shoes. And then, layer it with either plain or printed shirt; it would be both fine. You can also rock your denim during wintertime by pairing it with scarf and leather boots.


5. Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket

Originated from the military clothing and popularized by European Air Forces, the bomber jacket was eventually worn by the massive people in early 1960’s. Bomber jacket fits perfectly in winter seasons because of its anti-cold designing materials such as thick wools, satin, gauze, neoprene, and silk. You can never go wrong by pairing a bomber jacket with a monochrome palette of contrary shirt, bottom, and shoes.

6. Fur Jacket

Fur Jacket

What can be more fitting to winter season than a fur jacket? This type of outerwear is one of the hardest to pull off. But with guts and and proper matching, you can rock the runway instantly. The cool vibe can be maintained if you pair it with monochrome jogger pants and hype lightweight running shoes.


7. Harrington Jacket

Harrington Jacket

Harrington jacket plus suede shoes is always an impressive item. From a trucker’s workwear to an iconic fashion item, Harrington jacket also had a series of tweaks as time progressed. They say Harrington jacket was popularized by Elvis Presley in his 1958 movie, ‘King Creole’.

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