Key Tips on How to Win Bag Points Using Block Puzzles

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Block Puzzle is one of the much-loved games for breaking the monotony of dull days and a fun snack that you can snatch from the App Store. For beginners, getting started with this game is a little complicated; they need more than the will to solve different puzzles and bag points.

Key Tips on How to Win Bag Points Using Block Puzzles

Nevertheless, pro gamers with impressive score sheets and several rewards in their docket have difficulties, too, when playing higher levels of the game. But would it be great if both novice and experienced gamers know some tricks on how to bag block puzzle points with ease? Here are simple and easy-to-grasp tips that will help you germinate from a novice to a noble block puzzle player. Here we go.

Take your Time to Understand the Game

Taking your time to understand a game is a golden tip that you should not overlook. After downloading the game, go through its features to understand how it was made and functions. Then, proceed to the instruction tab. Here, read through the ‘how to play the game’ section.

Please note that hastily reading through instructions will affect your general performance. You need to grasp everything and let the content flow into your mind. This will enable you to build interest in the game as you try to visualize instruction in the game.

Flexibility is the Key to Getting High Scores

Other than the constant thought of destroying more blocks with lesser moves, you need to be flexible to improve your winning chances. Focusing on a single tactic might not help clear much space as you would when you combine different approaches in the game. So try to invent new campaigns that will get you moving.

Focusing on One Step at a Time

Despite the urge to finish the game at a record-breaking time, sometimes focusing on a single step at a time is the only way to winning the game. Pursuing a multistep approach will lead you to guesswork and subsequent losses.

Leave Room for a Monster Block

When playing a block puzzle game, you must have interacted with the 3 by 3 monster block. So when playing, leave room for this block. You can do this by reserving one or two 3 by 3 spaces where you slot in the monster block and continue fitting other smaller blocks.

Go on a Winning Streak using Streaks

Streak is a tactic that enables players to destroy several blocks with the least possible number of moves. In block puzzles, any streak or combo guarantees you more than nine points which are easy to get. So stop pursuing certain figures by waiting for a certain block to appear; just use whatever leads your streaks. This reduces your ability to lose the game and better your moves for future levels.

Don’t Build a Wall Instead, Focus on Destroying it

In blockudoku, building a wall should be your number one enemy; instead, focus on destroying as many lines as possible. Contrary to the game’s successful moves, most players accumulate blocks waiting, leaving a space for a single perfectly fitting block that will destroy many lines. Waiting for a perfect block will ruin your opportunity to snatch an early lead, thus reducing your effectiveness in winning the game.

Learn to Keep the Board Clean

While the general rule of the game is to destroy as many lines as possible, sometimes disorganization will lead to unplanned losses

Avoid Overworking When you are not Scoring

Puzzles are meant to help you relax and add value to your lifestyle. Furthermore, when playing them you need to plan and invest time to bag as many points as you can. But, you are not a computer, and if you start overthinking and overworking, eyes and hands you will soon start losing the game.

Once you are tired of playing puzzle games, stop where you are and think of something else that will refresh your mind. You might as well explore social gaming platforms, take a walk or exercise your dog. Either way, you will relax and your body will be prepared for another round of winning streak.

There are many tips on growing from a novice player into a pro gamer. In a puzzle, don’t overthink, keep your board clean and focus on destroying lines. Also, leave room for monster blocks and keep enhancing your gaming skills. With this and many more tips to come, you can easily become a pro gamer within a very short time.

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