How Screen Based Advertising Converts Audience Into Customers

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Introduction To Digital Billboards / Screen Based Advertising

The age of the traditional billboards is gone. Obviously there are some cities and a few areas of the most advanced metropolises in the world where we still come across those large sheets with tiny holes in them, but even they are a rarity now. The age is of screen based advertising or digital billboards and they are becoming more and more commonplace.

More On Digital Outdoor Advertising India

Digital Outdoor Advertising or digital billboards have reshaped the landscape of outdoor marketing. It was the year 2014 when we saw that the expenditure on out-of-home (OOH) advertising had surpassed the 1 billion mark. Ever since, the trend has caught up on almost every brand out there and the total spending on it has grown by multiples. With the increase in popularity, every Digital OOH (out of home) advertising company in India has been continuing to grow since 2016. According to some studies global expenditure on outdoor programmatic digital advertising will likely reach close to $53 billion by the end of year 2018.

When you are promoting your business and taking pains to digitally advertise your brand, you need to take care of 3 important factors. There has to be:

  • Visual appeal which will help you grab the attention of your consumer
  • The location of the adverts which will help you in maximizing exposure
  • Relevance which will obviously help you garner better response

This has been happening for a long time and marketers have been doing it right for the most part. This is the reason display advertising has risen as a very popular practice in digital marketing. As a business head you can easily target your audience and display relevant ads to offer them many benefits which will help you get more sales and expand opportunities for your business.


How Screen Based Advertising Converts Audience Into Customers


Benefits Of Screen Based Display Ads

Visual Appeal

This is probably the biggest and the most obvious benefit of display advertising. The bottom line is that graphic content commands appeal. It is designed and styled so that it would grab attention and accomplish way more than what most search engine marketing ads can achieve. These are not limited to character counts, and so nothing hinders their effectiveness and you are able to capture the attention of your audience quickly and convey your message instantly. With the help of digital advertising company in India, you can make maximum use of moving or motion graphics, animations and small films and videos, audios, and your company’s brand / logo to stand out to your customers and attract their attention. This visual impact leads to instant purchases and returning customers.

Brand Awareness

The visual component of these ads is obviously the highlight and it is this aspect of them that hugely benefits your business. This is done by facilitating brand awareness among your target market. Out of the home display ads are specifically branded and styled so that the viewer will pause and pay attention to them. They will be enticed with an offer, and of course useful information about your brand. Curiosity about your brand will lead to discovery and that will eventually lead to sales.

Effective Targeting

Location plays an important part of out of the home or screen based advertising media and this comes into play when you are targeting a specific group of customers. You can easily target the people who make up for the most relevant customer base for your business. You can set specific parameters for your ads. You can pick a particular geographic area and the demographic or niche market you want to target and then simply start advertising to maximize returns on your spending.

Increase Your Visibility

Screen displays target specific audiences across various locations and this means they don’t limit the visibility of your business. They give you the ability to appear anywhere you want and access a high volume of the right people and this works even when your audience is not searching for anything from you. By increasing your visibility and accentuating your presence you are presenting a viable option to your users and encouraging them to make a purchase from you.

Support Retargeting

Apart from standard targeting capabilities, out of home or screen based advertising allows you to retarget your customers. With retargeting, you can show your adverts to people who have expressed interest in your brand, business and offerings before. This in turn increases your chances of catering to any user base you might have missed out on earlier.

Final Words

Finally screen based advertising lets you cover both kinds of targeting and that is:

Contextual Targeting

Where you can put the most relevant ads on display based on their age, demographic, employment type and media consumption. This makes it important for you to know the identity of the customer.

Placement Targeting

This allows advertisers to choose specific ad types and placements when they will gather the most views. For example, if you are trying to target college goers with your new range of sports and gym wear, you can start displaying relevant ads at the nearest metro station or bus stop at a time when the students leave schools or colleges for their homes and can easily be targeted. This way the timing is perfect and so is the audience.

Remember, relevance is the key here. If your ads are not hitting the right note with your audience, it is all in vain. Make sure that your timing is right and that your target customers are presented with offers they actually want to know about. It helps your business reach out to more members of your target audience. You are more impactful. You are everywhere.


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