Different Characteristics of Human Behavior!!

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The term “Psychology” is the study of a person’s mind and how it affects their behavior. Most psychologists provide therapy to individuals and thus perform research to understand their certain set of behaviors. However, these professionals couldn’t able to prescribe medication but they refer the patients to meet with psychiatrists.

Different Characteristics of Human Behavior

Psychologists also conduct researches and perform the studies so that they analyze their patients well. They also provide certain entities and influence how others view the environment and with the people with whom they interact. Else, you can also read some Psychology Facts about human behavior in Hindi

Here we have explained some different types of Psychology and these are:

  1. Behavioral Psychology.
  2. Cognitive Psychology.
  3. Clinical Psychology.
  4. Comparative Psychology.
  5. Critical Psychology.
  6. Health Psychology.
  7. Neuropsychology.
  8. Personality Psychology.
  9. Research Psychology.
  10. Social Psychology.

Classification of Human Psychology:

Depending on the way, people act, behave in different situations and give responses to different stimuli; human behavior can be classified into different types. So, let’s discuss these behaviors and know what the important types of human behavior are?

Here are some common types of behaviors:

1: Molecular Behavior:

This type of behavior is unexpected behavior and usually occurs without thinking.

2: Moral Behavior:

Dissimilar to molecular behavior, this type of behavior occurs after thinking. For instance, a person changes the way when he/she sees a harmful thing.

3: Volunteer Behavior:

This type of behavior mainly depends on human wants. In this type of behavior, people can characterize speaking, walking, and writing.

4: Involuntary Behavior:

In this type of behavior, people make their actions without thinking.

5: Overt Behavior:

It is a visible type of behavior and can occur outside of human beings. For example, eating food, riding on a bicycle, etc. are some common examples.

6: Covert Behavior:

This type of behavior cannot be visible and thinking is a good example of covert behavior.

Have a look of 4 different popular Types of Personalities:

It has been found that human behavior has been classified human personality into four different types and that is:

  • Optimistic.
  • Pessimistic.
  • Trusting.
  • Envious.

In four of them, envious is the most common type of human personality. As per the experts, more than 90% of individuals can be broadly classified under these categories.

1: Optimistic:

More than 20% of the people living in this world are believed to have this personality. An optimistic person always stays hopeful in almost all situations and never gives up easily and always stays hopeful in almost every situation. No matter, how hard the circumstances are they keep on trying.

2: Pessimistic:

There should be always some balance in different personality types. Above 30% of the people are estimated to have this personality. The pessimistic people may doubt everything around his/her environment. These people can also be optimistic in some situations.

3: Trusting:

Most of the people living in this world are believed to have this kind of personality. The major trait of trusting people is to trust others. Most probably, these people don’t need a major reason to believe others. There come various situations when people are having trust issues with others.

4: Envious:

This kind of personality varies from society to society. It has been estimated that up to 40% of people are having this kind of personality. The envious people can be supportive too.

However, it is important to mention that a single person may become optimistic, pessimistic, Envious, and trusting as these traits exist in all human beings.

It has been seen that the people who can trust easily on others fall under these traits. Thus, if you are suffering from one of these behaviors then you need to consider contacting a mental health expert if you want to overcome this problem.

Three major Perspectives in terms of Psychology:

1: Behavioral Approach:

Behavioral psychologists believe that external environmental stimuli influence your behavior so that you can be trained to act in a certain way. It has been observed that the behavioral approach is really effective when you stop thinking about what other people think. Its influence affects every day of our life.

2: Cognitive Approach:

Cognitive Psychologists believe that their behavior is only determined by expectations and emotions. Besides, people can also solve problems based on their past experiences.

How people act is usually based upon internal processes. Also, there is much more stress upon individuals too. From a Cognitive perspective, your expectations affect how you feel and act in different circumstances.

3: Humanistic Approach:

In terms of Humanistic Psychologists, it is believed that the person is essentially good and also is motivated to realize their full potential. It is the Humanistic Psychologists who always focus or feel good for the people to fulfill their needs as well as goals. These psychologists help people to gain insight into their feelings. On the other end, the Behavioral approach, the humanistic approach works only on individual empowerment.

Whether you are right or wrong you always feel motivated to be the best person. Moreover, your choices help in trying to improve your life and a humanistic therapist would be both encouraging and supportive and don’t advise you to directly quit or analyze things quickly.

The Bottom Line: In this article, we have discussed the different types of human behavior as per the view of some Psychologists. Now, you have completely understood the different types, characters of human behavior.

Hopefully, in this article now you have completely understood the different types of human behavior and their types. In this topic, you might have known about what human behavior is and how we can understand it from depth.

In the end, we only want to say that understanding human behavior can help us in understanding and handling different people effectively. This should be also known either by the best Psychiatrist or Psychologists. You can read the article thoroughly and get some help in understanding what human behavior and its types are.

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