4 Tips for a Better Instagram Marketing

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Instagram is quite the rage these days. Growing at an overwhelming pace, this social networking platform has left a majority of its counterparts behind. With over 700 million active monthly users, Instagram is amongst the largest and most active social networks.

4 Tips for a Better Instagram Marketing

Apart from its growth as a socializing platform, Instagram’s importance as a marketing platform has also swollen to a great extent. Instagram marketing has already started to dominate the social media marketing industry.

Instagram marketing has proved to be highly effective and influential. It is the ideal platform to approach wide and diverse audiences, communicate your message to them and establish relations with them.



Considering the influence and cost-effectiveness of Instagram marketing, it has now become a vital element of mainstream digital marketing strategies, throughout the business world.

If you’re looking to boost the productivity of your Instagram marketing strategy, here are some tips to improve it.

Keep Your Community Engaged

The key to successful marketing is a high engagement community. It is important to maintain the community of your Instagram followers engaged at all times. Greater engagement will lead to more efficient Instagram marketing, resulting in soaring revenues and high ROI.

To interact with your Instagram followers and keep them engaged, you are supposed to post frequently and reply to your followers in the shortest possible period.

You can utilize third-party Instagram tools to schedule posts or hire and manage admins. It will enable you to maintain a higher post frequency and hiring admins will ensure that your page is never unattended.

You may also decide to upload Instagram stories regularly or go live once in awhile. You can post stories related to new products, discounts or special promotional offers.



Going live is an excellent idea to interact with your community in the best possible manner. Your audiences can give their feedback via live comments or can ask questions that you can reply to in real time.

Link Multiple Platforms

In order successfully mobilize your followers and market your brand collectively, you should link your brand’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to its Instagram account. This way, you’ll be able to cross promote your business with minimum effort and resources.

Once you’ve linked all your social media presence, you can mobilize all of your followers at a single platform say Instagram, enabling you to communicate your message to a greater audience through a single platform.

Use Hashtags Everywhere

Instagram has completely changed the functionality of hashtags. Hashtags are now everywhere. You can find hashtags in profiles, posts, and comments and their excessive use are justified to some extent.

On Instagram, hashtags can be used to increase the discoverability of your business. You can add trending hashtags in your posts, bio, and comments. It will allow relevant people to look up your brand, who may end up turning into your customers.

Hashtags are perhaps the best way to gain followers on Instagram fast.

Connect with Influencers

Influencer marketing has gained massive popularity over the past few years, due to its effectiveness and influence.  You can link up with the influencers of your industry, which is highly likely to help you gain valuable exposure and increased brand awareness. Businesses and brands recommended by influencers are trusted by customers quite quickly. Even if the influencers show slightest of support for any business, it is likely to add to the credibility of the business.

As influencers are experts in the engaging Instagram community, collaborating with them would be a perfect idea.

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