How to Get the Best Price from Cheap Moving Companies in Austin, TX

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Changing your location is stressful enough, between finding a perfect new apartment and the cost of purchasing or renting it, and possibly making repairs and alterations, you most likely don’t want to rake up extra costs when moving your properties to your new home. You are going to need a professional moving company to get your stuff to your new location. However, you need to know how to get the best price and avoid unnecessary costs. Here are some tips to help you save money and get the best price from already cheap moving companies in Austin, TX.

Hire a Real Company

You should know that just like every industry, there are scam artists in the moving industry as well. They pose as real movers and promise to help you move your goods. In the best case scenario you only lose your money, and in the worst cases, you might lose your personal effects to these scam companies as well. To avoid this, you must be sure of the authenticity of any company you intend to hire. Check here for tips on finding a low cost moving company without getting scammed.

Be sure that any company you are hiring is licensed and covered by insurance. Insurance is of particular importance even when dealing with a real company since it can help save costs in case of damages. Ensure that you get proper documentation from a mover including a quote stating all the shipping costs exclusively.
Also, it is advisable only to hire a moving company referred by a friend, family member or colleague who has used their services before.

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Make comparisons

It is recommended that you have more than one moving company on your list of considerations especially to give you a clear idea about pricing and to help you get the best and cheapest price possible. However, in a bid to get the lowest price, make sure that you are not getting scammed. A too-good-to-be-true quote might be exactly that. Get quotes from all the companies you are considering including all the extra services they are offering. Ask the movers if they are willing to offer you a lower price if you decide to drop any of the additional services they are providing.


Most moving companies in Austin, TX will charge you based on how long it will take to move your stuff or on the number of items you are moving. This is another place you can save yourself a lot of money. You should reduce cost by getting rid of items you don’t need. You can donate some items to charity, give them out to neighbors and friends or have garage sales to get rid of them. Also, certain items are small enough to be carried in your car; you can save some costs by carrying them rather than leaving them to a mover.

If you can’t decide which items to bring and which ones to leave behind, click this to get some tips.

Do the packing yourself

Most movers will charge you for packing. You can reduce moving costs by doing the packing yourself. This also helps you reduce the risk of damages and makes unpacking easier since you know where each item is packed.

Cut down on other Extra Costs

Always be on the lookout for areas where you might be required to pay extra and find a workaround it. Some movers charge special fees for helping you load heavy items. When this is the case, you can reduce cost by having your friends come over and assist you with moving some of these items rather than leave it all to movers.

Some movers also charge extra fees for an impromptu job. To avoid this, try to book earlier. Some companies also offer special pricing on specific dates; you can find out from your movers when is the best time to move with them and see if you can adjust your schedule to fit.

Cut down on other Extra Costs

It never hurts to Negotiate

Even when you are given a very good price by your movers, no rule stops you from trying to negotiate for something less. Always try to secure a better deal and go for the best quality service offering the least price.

At the end of the day you should always take value for service over price, but ensure that you take on time and try to get as good a price as you can get to save costs and reduce the cost of relocation.

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