Why Mock Tests is Essential to Prepare for CLAT?

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CLAT 2019 is coming near, and the LLM aspirants need to buck up there preparation level so that they can be in their best fit when they take up the entrance examination. This year exam will be conducted in offline mode and will have 200 questions from 5 different domains, namely English including Comprehension, General Knowledge and Current Affairs, Elementary Mathematics (Numerical Ability), Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning and it will have a time capping of 2 hours.

Why Mock Tests is Essential to Prepare for CLAT

As CLAT is considered is one of the toughest exams in India and every year the number of aspirants taking up this exam is increasing, the competition is pretty high. And in order to improve their preparation the aspirants should pave towards taking LLM mock tests. There are various websites that gives such free CLAT mock test or free LLM mock tests. Taking up such free CLAT mock test will not only check for the preparation level but also enhance the confidence of the aspirant. These free LLM mock tests will help the aspirant to get used to the real scenario of examination, so that they are tension free when they actually take the entrance. Besides, these free CLAT mock tests also are really helpful for time management skills of the aspirants. Not only the exam experts but also the CLAT toppers suggest taking up CLAT mock tests to grab a seat in reputable NLUs by outwitting fellow aspirants. They believe that attempting these free LLM mock tests on regular basis will help the aspirants to surpass their weak areas and master their strong subjects. According to toppers these mock tests have helped them to make their way to the prestigious colleges by preparing them well for the real exam.

When to start and how many mock tests are required?

One can’t really estimate the number of mock tests which is essential, but it is suggested that a student should take up as many mock tests as possible. Hence choosing free LLM mock tests over paid is always better. To start off, one can go with one or two free LLM mock tests during their initial phase of preparation. It will lessen the nervousness of the aspirant and make him excel his preparation. As the preparation level increases, the number of free CLAT mock tests should go high as well. For any CLAT aspirant, attempting at least two to three free LLM mock tests during the beginning of preparation will provide guidance for further preparation. One should also attempt these free CLAT mock tests every month to analyze their preparation level. During the final stage of preparation, aspirant can go for three to four free CLAT mock tests every week.

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