Top “Golden” Ideas for Every Party

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Jewellery has proved itself to be more than just a piece of an accessory. Every woman can express herself and create a sensation by her presence. Jewellery is enjoyed by almost everyone, be the one who is wearing it or the one admiring it. It gives a touch of magic to create the perfect look for any occasion. This language of fashionable jewellery is thoroughly understood by women. The exquisite gold jewellery can bring attention to any feature that you want to enhance.

Top Golden Ideas for Every Party


Top ideas to show off your gold jewellery in parties

● Golden earrings are the most common type of jewellery that is found on every woman’s ears. Yet, this jewellery never disappoints in bringing a new style. If you wish to wear stones then there are many options available where there is a combination of stones with a gold base or a combination of pearls with gold. These types of jewellery combination never get old and add sparkle to your stature. But before hopping to a jewellery shop and selecting an earring for the occasion, know how much gold costs and what amount are you able to spend on those earrings. For instance, you can get small gold earrings designs with price up to 15 thousand and if you go for gold earrings with pearls and stones then that price can range up to 1 Lakh.


● Bangles are yet another piece of jewellery that gives definition to a woman’s hand. A golden bangle with embedded diamond is like the cherry on top. Not only bangles but there are specially and exquisitely designed golden bracelets for girls who know how to flaunt gold with western costumes.


● Most people think it is absurd to wear gold jewellery with a western outfit. There is jewellery like gold chain designs with price and weight of 20 thousand and 20 carats respectively, that go perfectly with western clothes. Gold jewellery has also been immensely upgrading itself with new designs every day. Heavy necklace of gold are best suited for occasions like the wedding season.


Wearing gold with the traditional dress is considered to be highly auspicious as it is a symbol of peace and prosperity. It is believed that wearing gold brings luck or good fortune along with wealth to the family. Just a light touch of gold makes any occasion more special. Women find art in picking up the perfect jewellery for a certain occasion. Choosing exquisitely designed jewellery not only defines who she is but also helps her make a statement. Women and gold have an undying love affair which can never end. Once you have a build a taste for this rare and beautiful yellow glowing metal, then there is no going back. Today, everything has come down to fake jewellery but for those who know the value of gold or those who prefer old school, surely know how to flaunt gold in parties and not only make a statement but also an exclamation!

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