Mind-Blowing Facts About Voice Search on Google

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Voice search is the quickest-evolving trend in this digital era. No business, especially the eCommerce one, would want to lose clientele by staying behind this trend.

The voice Google search is a query asked on the search engine by the users using voice rather than typing on the keyboard. It is the new buzz in the market that takes google users by storm. There are no more efforts required to type and direct answers are delivered. In simple words, voice search Google is the user-friendly solution keeping the conversation natural and hands-free. This is the reason people prefer searching online via voice instead of making efforts to type.

Mind-Blowing Facts About Voice Search on Google

Here, in this guide, we will support all such claims via the right facts and stats. All of this will depict the present need of every business to invest in optimizing their business for speech searches.

Let’s begin!!

Interesting Facts to Know About Voice Search on Google

Voice Search is More Trending Than Typing Alternative

Those days are gone when people used the keyboard to search for a query, especially on their mobile devices. Almost 71 percent, which means 7 out of 10 users, prefer searching via voice option.

There are many advanced features available. However, the voice search functionalities enable easy control of home appliances or smart gadgets. Online purchases can be made easily. Besides doing the common searches, the voice search also allows performing tasks like playing music, seeing weather forecasts, etc.

Stats for Voice Search on Mobile Devices

In the world’s online community, voice search is used by about 27% of mobile device users. Even according to the study of GlobalWebIndex, the people of age group 16-34 and around two third of its user count is falling more for voice search.

Moreover, there is no need for eCommerce businesses to target the male or female categories separately. Both gender groups have even voice search usage across mobile devices. For men, it is 28 percent of voice searches and 26 percent for women mobile device users.

Voice Search for eCommerce

The newest way of shopping is voice search which is gaining popularity like never before. As per the studies, shopping through voice search is the 3rd most popular trend among users after playing music and collecting general information. Nowadays users look for the most convenient ways to get what they are looking for and there can be nothing simpler than voice searching. It offers a barrier-free shopping experience as buyers don’t have to wait in long queues. You just need to grab your phone, open the application and make the purchase in just a few seconds.

Stats for User Engagement With Voice Search

According to research by Microsoft, around 72% of the US population is engaged more with voice search. They search queries via digital assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, Alexa, etc.

Apple’s Siri and Google Voice Assistant are common and widely used assistants for voice Google search. Almost 36 % of all US customers use each of them. Besides, Alexa and Cortana by Microsoft are also used for voice searches.

All the gadgets, be they Android OS-based or iOS based, have voice search capability. More than 90% of individuals say they have mostly preferred their mobiles over any other gadget like in-vehicle assistants or speakers for voice searches.

Integration With Smart Devices

The reason behind voice search being the most favorite option among all age groups is its integration with smart devices. Now every single person has a smartphone in his/her hand and what is simpler is that they don’t even have to touch it for ordering things online as they can use google home assistant etc for ordering and making appointments. The voice search feature is accessible on various smart devices making it win the game.

The predictions of eMarketer say Siri and Alexa assistants will expand the clientele by up to 76.5 million and that too in the United States alone.

Quick Response to Queries

The search process is considerably improved with the use of voice search. It offers prompt results to the users. The research reveals that voice search is 3.7 times quicker than the average typing speed on a conventional keyboard. So, when something has to be executed in less time, voice search is the right companion for you.

Business Overlooking the Significance of Voice Search Can Lose 20 Percent of Overall Potential ROI

Optimizing business for voice search is essential from the marketing perspective. The SEO statistics depict that use of voice search is evolving with technological advancement. So, customers are finding it a more comfortable and convenient option than anything else for raising queries on search engines.

Multilingual Feature

Whether it is English or Italian, voice search supports multiple languages. So, it is beneficial for people around all the regions. Till now more than 30 languages are understood by Google Assistant. And it is anticipated that within time, the numbers have reached 100. When using voice search on Google, language can never be the barrier in your way. And more and more users from different geographical regions can adopt the voice search option.

Additional Facts About Voice Search on Google

  • According to Google, 27% of all online users worldwide use voice search on their mobile devices.
  • Google reports that 52% of owners of smart speakers keep them in communal areas. 22% of these consumers have their kitchen accommodated with a smart speaker assistant, while 25% of them have the same in their bedrooms. 62% of people besides the smart speaker owners will buy something with speech technology.
  • A suitable example to prove the popularity of voice search is that 41% of adults and 55% of teens in the US prefer voice search to type. And overall 135.6M people in the US use the voice search feature and the numbers are expected to grow in the coming years. Another study states that by the end of 2022, the count of household voice search speakers in the US will surely surge by 55%.
  • In 2020, voice shopping accounted for more than $2 billion in terms of sales. Additionally, by the following year, voice shopping income was simply unexpected. Moreover, according to the most recent data, the voice shopping market by the year 2022 is predicted to surpass $40 billion.
  • Users say they are happy with their voice assistants 93% of the time. The majority of people are satisfied with their speech-activated digital assistants. Accuracy is around 73%, time savings is 59% satisfactory, and making their life easier (55%) is among their basic requirements.


The new norm to find things on search engines like Google is through voice search. The reason why voice search is the new hype these days is that it saves users time and effort as they don’t have to type long sentences in the search bar to find the results.

All these stats make it evident that voice search has helped various businesses to brand their voice and the customers to avail the services with fewer efforts. We hope now you have got familiar with the top and amazing facts about google voice search. You can try the voice search feature next time when searching on google and get the reason for why it is the most preferred choice over another alternative.

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