Making a Memorable Trip to Bangalore

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Bangalore in India is well-known for its software companies and other firms that attract a lot of people from various parts. It is also known as the IT hub of India which provides a range of jobs for skilled persons. The city is very modern and experiences a good climate throughout a year when compared to other locations. In fact, it is one of the top cities in India which invites more visitors every year. Other nicknames of the city include “the garden city” and “Silicon Valley” that offers best job opportunities in various sectors.

Making a Memorable Trip to Bangalore


What are some top places to visit in Bangalore?

Even though there are several things to do in Bangalore, here are some topmost places to visit in the city.

1. Lalbagh Botanical Park

Lalbagh botanical garden in Bangalore is one of the must-see places in Bangalore because it covers 240 acres of diverse species of plants. It even has a famous glass house that holds an annual flower show. Another thing is that the garden features a rare collection of imported trees and plants. The garden is an ideal one for those who want to relax their mind during the evening with family and others. Apart from that, it is home to a number of birds and visitors can view them during their visit.

2. Ulsoor Lake

Ulsoor Lake in Bangalore is the largest one that covers an area of 50 hectares. The lake is known for its lush greenery and calming environment allowing visitors to carry out boating and other activities accordingly. The lake is a suitable one for a weekend picnic that allows people to enjoy the landscape and other things.

3. VidhanaSoudha

VidhanaSoudhais a famous building located near Cubbon Park which stands as an example of neo-Dravidian architecture. The highlight of this building is that it has four domes on four domes. Currently, the building serves as a legislative assembly of Karnataka that accommodates various government departments. It is not open to the general public and illuminated by lights in the night.

4. National Gallery of modern art

The national gallery of modern art is an ideal destination for art lovers who want to know more about Indian art starting from the 18th century. It comprises of sculptures, paintings, and other things that enable visitors to gather more information on arts. The gallery even organizes national and international exhibitions regularly.

5. Tipu Sultan’s Palace and Fort

Tipu Sultan’s Palace and Fort located inside the fort area stands as an example of Indo-Islamic architecture. The palace comprises of outstanding balconies, brilliant motifs, excellent arches, and other structures. Visitors can walk around the balconies enabling them to know the lifestyle of Tipu Sultan.

It is an attractive tourist site surrounded by green gardens and flowering shrub. Huge wooden pillars, glorifying brackets, and sparking fountains are some other attractions of the palace.

Travel tips to Bangalore

1. Kannada is the language widely spoken in Bangalore. However, people also speak English and Indian languages allowing visitors to avoid communication problems.

2. The city has leading shopping malls and MG road is the main shopping zone that allows visitors to buy everything at the best prices. Another thing is that it is home to leading restaurants that offers a variety of dishes for visitors.

3. Bangalore has many clubs and pubs allowing visitors to enjoy their nightlife with more excitement. The public transportation system in Bangalore covers bus services in various routes enabling tourists to reach other destinations with ease.

4. The rupee is the currency used in Bangalore and those who want to exchange the same can approach the banks or exchange centers. On the other hand, visitors should know the commission rates in detail before exchanging the currency.

5. Traffic jam is high in the city and visitors should start early when they want to visit important places. Ola, Uber, and other cab services are available for tourists at reasonable prices.

6. Visitors should avoid eating street foods and drinking tap water in Bangalore because they can lead to various health issues. Instead, they should carry bottled water for preventing any unwanted problems on a trip.

7. It is advisable not to walk or travel alone in remote areas in the night with heavy cash and other expensive things. This will help to control robbery and other problems effectively.

8. Foreign nationals should carry a copy of their visa, passport, and other important things while traveling to important places in the city for identification purposes. They should also vaccine themselves for controlling malaria and other diseases.

9. Visitors should consider the sanitary conditions properly before making a trip to Bangalore. This, in turn, gives ways to eliminate health complications and other issues to a large extent.

Hotel accommodation in Bangalore

Bangalore has led five-star hotels that offer world-class amenities to visitors. Some of them even offer resort services for those who want to enjoy their vacation with family and others in a sophisticated environment. Best Resort in Bangalore covers all types of modern facilities for guests allowing them to experience high-level comforts. It even allows visitors to make their trip a memorable one by addressing essential needs.

Tourists who want to book a resort in advance can get details from various hotel websites that can help to plan a trip accordingly. Apart from that, they can compare the prices of resorts in detail for choosing the right one at the best prices. Resort in Bangalore enables visitors to experience the best accommodation such as a swimming pool, gym, laundry, and so on. At the same time, it is necessary to follow the terms and conditions properly while booking a resort online. Visitors should read reviews of hotels with special attention before making a trip to Bangalore. In addition, it gives ways to find a hotel that provides a wide range of services for tourists which ultimately helps to witness complete satisfaction. A hotel website makes the searching process a simple one allowing tourists to ensure a successful trip.

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