Looking for a Pedestal Fan? Keep These 7 Factors in Mind When You Buy One

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The instant cooling and easy portability that pedestal fans offer have made them a hit across households. And the best thing is that these fans can even cool spaces where the ceiling fans fail to deliver. No wonder the demand for pedestal fans has always seen new highs. But just in case you don’t have a pedestal fan already and are planning to buy one, here are a few factors that you must keep in mind before you buy one.

Looking for a Pedestal Fan - Keep These 7 Factors in Mind When You Buy One

1. Power Consumption

As the electricity rates continue to rise every year, it is important to ensure that we buy energy efficient electrical and electronic devices. So when you are looking for a pedestal fan, do compare different models on the basis of their power consumption. And if you are looking for a pedestal fan that’s high on both air delivery and energy efficiency, the Ferrari Pedestal from Luminous India is one fan that you can consider buying.

2. Sweep Size

Sweep size also known as blade sweep or blade span is the circle that a fan makes when it is in motion. It is the sweep size of the fan that determines the air delivery of a fan. Usually, higher the sweep size, more the air delivery. If you buy a Luminous pedestal fan the sweep size range would vary anywhere between 400 mm to 500 mm.

3. Fan Speed

The speed of a fan is measured in RPM (Rotations Per Minute). Most brands offer two types of pedestal fans – high speed and normal speed. A high speed RPM fan would come with a fan speed near 2100 RPM whereas a normal speed fan would have a fan speed anywhere around 1300 RPM. Make sure, the fan you choose has a variable speed option.

4. Weight

Since portability is an important reason why people buy a pedestal fan, it is important that the fan should be light in weight. This way you can easily shift it from one room to another without much help. Note – Pedestal fans with plastic blades are much lighter as compared to the ones with metal blades.

5. Noise

Don’t get swayed if someone tells you that a fan with a higher air delivery would obviously make noise. It’s a myth. The technology has improved over the years and there are fans available in the market that come with a high air delivery and yet make no noise. So, if you are looking for a pedestal fan that makes no noise and is high on air delivery check out the pedestal fans from Luminous India.

6. Warranty

Pedestal fans are designed to last long, and therefore, you need not worry about their durability. However, you do need to make sure that you buy from a reputable brand like Luminous that offers excellent after sales service. They offer around 2 years of warranty on their pedestal fans.

7. Price

We know price is an important factor when choosing a pedestal fan. But don’t buy any pedestal just because it’s cheap. Instead, you should be okay to shell out a little extra if the fan offers outstanding features and benefits that no other fan does.

Want to buy a high quality pedestal fan?

If you want to buy a pedestal fan that’s high on quality and yet very reasonably priced then you should check out the range of pedestal fans from Luminous India. They have a wide range of options available in different colors, speeds and other features.


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