Jennifer Lopez is not angry with A-Rod… at least on Social Networks

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been together for a little over a year. Although they met in 2004 when JLo was still married to Marc Anthony, it was only in 2016 when she crossed him while he was having lunch, he went out to greet him, then he invited her to dinner, and the rest is history. Both the singer and the former athlete say that one of the secrets of their love story is to adapt to their busy schedules, to spend most of their time together. In this case, it is him who has to accompany most of the time to JLo and work on the rehearsals or concerts of it.

Jennifer Lopez

Publications of both, in the past hours, seem to deny the reports that emerged during the past weekend, indicating that the couple would be in crisis due to a presumed failure of the former Yankee New Yorker. When last Saturday, Jennifer Lopez arrived without her “handsome male”, Alex Rodriguez, to the birthday party of the conductor Ellen DeGeneres, the speculations began that something strange was happening. And they increased when he published last Sunday, through his social networks, several short videos in which he was shown armies, alone.

Immediately, sources of the magazine ‘In Touch’, allegedly “close” to the couple, alleged that Jennifer Lopez was injured with Alex Rodriguez, as the former player of the New York Yankees had exchanged text messages with Lauren Hunter. This is the same model that last year presumed his exchange of messages of high sexual content with the 42-year-old athlete and said he was in contact with him although the relationship with the ‘Bronx Diva’ was going from strength to strength.

The story got even more complicated because the sources specified that Alex Rodriguez had asked for forgiveness and that was why he sent a huge arrangement of roses to the interpreter of ‘Ni tu ni yo’, who in response had posted a message in the which put everything in the hands of God. The truth is that after that alleged displeasure, the couple celebrated their first anniversary on February 3. It is true that the weekend before Valentine’s Day was not together, she enjoyed the party of Ellen DeGeneres in California, while he worked and did social work at the other end of the country, in Miami, Florida.

However, this Wednesday shows love between both, through social networks, make it clear that if they are angry or resentful of any conflict, publicly does not transcend. And I opened up being a tremendous actor/actress with a heart full of doubts and resentment to manifest so much love for his other half. On the Day of Love and Friendship, Jennifer Lopez began a raffle, through which she gave her followers two tickets to her show in Las Vegas, Nevada, while A-Rod dedicated herself to showing brushstrokes of how the hours went by, along with his eldest daughter, Natasha, the twin Max and his famous mom. Visit for more entertainment related topics.

Already in the middle of the night, both were dedicated to publishing their respective messages of love. After asking for a kiss, she reiterated “I love you my macho”, to which he replied: “You make me happier, stronger, better … I love you Macha”

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