Is It Possible To Avail The Successful Lung Transplant in India?

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Lung transplant is a treatment procedure for irreversible respiratory disorders. If the patient is eligible to avail the lung transplantation, the surgeons in India are capable of providing the necessary treatment.

Is It Possible To Avail The Successful Lung Transplant in India

After the Lung Damage Treatment in India, the patient can regain the functioning of the respiratory system of the body and does not have to face any complication. The ratio of success of the treatment to the failure is 100:1. It means there are the rarest possibilities that, the surgical process for a lung transplant will not be a success.

The Procedure Used For Successful Lung Damage Treatment in India:

Lung transplant is a severe medical surgery. So, the doctors do not proceed with the treatment, without precise evaluation process. The patient is first put under the effective diagnosis, and then the treatment is further recommended if he or she fits the eligibility criteria.

What is the eligibility criteria for a lung transplant patient?

The surgeons in India recommend the lung transplant procedure for:

  • Patients suffering from an end-stage lung disorder
  • People who have primary and secondary pulmonary diseases
  • The person who fails to complete the walk test of 300 metres in 6 minutes
  • None of the treatment procedures, therapies, medicines and surgeries show ls the improvement in the condition of the patient.
  • People who cannot breathe properly even while at rest
  • The patients who require an external supply of oxygen for a healthy living
  • Someone who suffers significant disorders in other parts of the body due to an insufficient supply of oxygen
  • Pulmonary Vasodilators in a patient
  • RV echo and dysfunction.

If the patient fits the eligibility criteria, the doctors put them in the list of a lung transplant. The list for a lung transplant is separate for all the hospitals in India. So, the wait time to avail the transplant process is comparatively low in India.

The donor for the Best Lung Transplant in India is a brain dead person. So, as the organ is available from the donor and it is a match for the patient; the doctors call the patient for the transplant process.

After the transplant, the surgeons in India also provide post-surgery care. The recovery care helps the patient with a speedy recovery and avoid the chances of any complications after the transplant process.

The transplant team takes care of the patient after the treatment. They provide the patient with necessary medicines and also guide for exercises that help the patient with a healthy recovery.

Final Words:

If you are facing considerable issues in your normal routine, bear no more with your lung disorders. Ignoring the treatment for long for yourself or your family might prove to be fatal.

So, it is better to plan your medical tourism for a lung transplant to India. Here you can avail the best possible treatment that too at the minimum possible prices. Not only the cost for a lung transplant in India is low, but the price for post-operative medicines is also very less.

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