How To Increase The Momentum Of Your Guest Posting Via Social Media

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How to Increase the Momentum of your Guest Posting Via Social Media


Any writer who maintains and posts on a blog regularly will tell you how necessary it is to write guest posts on other sites. It doesn’t have to do anything with your own website’s page views or comments, you are doing it for free and the other website is benefiting from your work. Guest blogging is a great way to grow your follower base through referral traffic and get exposure in your niche. Only 6% of bloggers publish the majority of their original content as guest posts. Affordable guest posting services has a lot of potential for promoting your content, you just have to persevere in the early stages.

Most websites are not going to let you promote yourself or your brand very heavily, or at all. However, there are subtle ways to promote your brand. For example, share a problem that you overcame when you first launched and how others can solve this — and you know, mention a few details about your business in the process. Most editors will let this slide.


Why should you promote guest posts?

Let’s put some things in order:

  • Chances are that you already have a relationship with the owner of that blog, and this post is only going to make it better. These people are going to share your post with their circle of friends and followers. This additional traffic is going to be very good for your website.
  • It makes your post look good to Google and other search engines. This leads to your site ranking better on Google as well.
  • Once you have contributed to a lot of websites, you build a reputation amongst people in your niche. You gain credibility as you move on.
  • In the blogging world, combined promotion is the best way for everyone to succeed. Collaborating with each other is going to make your followers respect you as an expert.

Now that the importance of promoting your guest posts has been established, let’s look at the basic things you should do to increase the momentum of your guest posting. Some of these tips sound familiar, some are really obvious, but there’s a good reason behind it – you need to keep urging yourself to do better next time. This work and promotion builds an excellent foundation for your content, and a reputation for your brand.




With 310 million monthly active users and nearly 30% of US social media users active on it, Twitter has undoubtedly become a strong medium to market from. Here are some very specific things you can do when tweeting about your guest post:

  • Hashtags are everything on Twitter, make sure you are following all the relevant hashtags in your niche and using them when promoting your post. If the hashtag is in the headline, just place it over there, rather than stuffing a lot of tags at the end of the sentence. It keeps the tweet clutter-free.
  • When your post is published on a website, schedule 4-5 tweets to be released at different times during the day. Then you can post the day after as well.
  • In order to see what attracts the most number of retweets and likes, test release few tweets with multiple titles in them. You can keep the title which works for you. Twitter provides the perfect platform for this test – everything in 140 characters or less.

If you have mentioned an industry influencer in your post, tag them with @their username to let them know. Often, these people like or share the tweet.


Like and share your guest post before sharing it with your followers. Then, post it on your own page or profile.

  • You can test different ways to share these posts with your followers. Test different headlines, or use excerpts from your work in the caption.
  • Just like Twitter, schedule a few posts on your Facebook profile/page to go out on launch day, followed by few posts every day after launch.

Try sharing one of the images you posted in the guest post. You can use infographics, illustrations or stock photos. An idea post is a mix of text with an attractive photo.




Despite the myth revolving around Pinterest not being the perfect sharing platform, you can actually benefit a lot from the ‘pins’ you share. Pinterest has its own rules and happy pinners abide by these rules. The posts are called pins as if on a pin board.

  • Pinterest has a wide selection of topics, so your guest post will get some love if you share it well.
  • Tag different topics under the caption to make the pin appear on specific search results.
  • Pin and re-pin your guest post pin on your board and get shared by people from other boards as well. You can include the direct link to your website on the pin which users can follow.

If your post is about fashion, design, DIY or any other creative topic, by all means share it.



For those who blog regularly, delicious is still a great platform to keep bookmarks. It’s also a very good search engine for finding great posts on a variety of topics.

  • It turns out that the chances of spam on delicious are very low. Use this to your advantage by sharing your posts without fear.
  • People who use this platform can follow the link to your guest post without the stress of landing on a spam page.

The social channels mentioned above rely on the size of your following. You have to nurture your reputation by writing on authority sites to build a follower base. Social media can enhance your personality and give your posts a boost if you are being honest and credible in return. Any shortcuts taken by using wrong tactics are going to land your website or blog in trouble, sooner or later. Combine these social sharing efforts with personal contact with industry influencers to maintain a reputation within your niche.

Even if you establish your brand using guest posting, don’t think that the journey has ended there. Never stop this circle of sharing quality content to and fro to educate people about the topic you are passionate about.

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