How to Do Easy Skateboard Tricks?

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Are you looking for simple tricks to get started with your skateboarding? Riding the skateboard directly without learning a few basic skills may cause injuries. A few simple tricks provided in this guide below will help you learn a few basics to initiate practicing skateboarding. It will help you feel awesome and develop balancing while riding your skateboard initially.

How To Do Easy Skateboard Tricks

Skateboard Tricks That Anyone Can Do: How To Ride a skateboard for Beginners

Not only buying an electronic skateboard or longboard but even riding is often challenging for beginners. Basic information is crucial before hitting start this challenging activity. Learning skateboarding requires a lot of patience, practice, and time, like any other ability. Check out the below-mentioned tricks to try a few street skating or hit the skatepark.

1. Learn how to push

Put your forefoot on the front truck bolts that should be angled slightly forward toward the board’s nose. With your back foot, you need to push alongside your skateboard and move ahead. You can push several times to increase the speed. However, it would be best to put your back foot perpendicular to the deck on the tall when you reach the required speed. Your front foot and back foot should be the same perpendicular when your back foot is off the skateboard.

2. Learn how to ollie (a beginner’s trick)

Ollie serves as the foundation of other tricks, so learning it is crucial for beginners. It is a jump, while your skateboard remains with your feet. Begin by stopping at your knees and popping your skateboard’s tail, which will help it stay with the body when you jump. Now slide your front foot to the board’s level for a smooth slide.

3. Learn how to kickflip (another beginner’s trick)

It would be best if you flick the front foot toes to the nose back corner, i.e., left corner for regular and right for the goofy-footed. It makes the skateboard rotate to 360º over the horizontal axis.

4. Learn how to heelflip (one more beginner’s trick)

Heelflip is similar to kickflip, but it goes in another direction. It also spins the skateboard by flicking to the top edge of the nose.

5. Learn how to frontside 180 (a mid-level trick)

You must begin like an Olie, but the movement comes from shoulders and requires a 180 turn.

6. Learn how to backside 180 (one last beginner’s trick)

Backside 180 is opposite Frontside Ollie, where the rotation is 180 degrees, but your board and the body will move back of your body first as you spin.

7. Learn how-to manual (an advanced level skateboard trick)

A manual often referred to as wheelies, is a motion to balance your skateboard’s back wheels. Lifting your front vehicle off the ground is a safe way to learn it. You may hold it for as much as you possibly could gradually by inches.

8.  Learn how to bigspin (an advanced level skateboard trick, very difficult!)

Set your electric skateboard like a 260 pop and push it in the direction you want to spin. Now, spin your body to the 180 variations and land with both feet on your skateboard, and keep rolling.

Besides, you can try the following skills to enhance your skateboarding practice to master it.

  1. 2-footed ollie
  2. Frontside 180
  3. Backside 180
  4. Kickflip
  5. Varial flip
  6. Manual 8. Nollie flip
  7. Ollie half-cab/darkslide/five-o/kickflip late grab
  8. Frontside shove it
  9. Backside boardslide
  10. 50-50 grind
  11. Handplant (Ollie over a ledge)

Tips on doing tricks on Skateboard:

1. Use the correct equipment

You must select the right skateboard as per your activity or style, including speed, freestyle, and slalom.

2. Learn how to balance

Balancing is one of the most crucial abilities to improve skateboarding. Start leaning sideways, backward, forward, etc., to improve skateboarding balance.

3. Learn how to stop quickly in an emergency situation

The straightforward step to stop the electric skateboard is using the tail when you place your back foot on the tail, behind the wheels and trucks, and switch your weight on the back foot when you ease off on your front foot. Consequently, your board’s tail collides with the ground and brings you to a halt.

4. Practice your tricks over and over again until you get them right

Practicing skateboarding tricks regularly will improve your style and skills and help you move to an advanced level. An enormous amount of dedication and time is required to become pretty incredible at skateboarding.

5. Practice your tricks with friends so you can show off what you know!

Whether you have been practicing your skateboarding abilities for a quite while or are a beginner, there is always something new to discover. You must show your unique skating abilities to your friends when you next practice skateboarding with your friends.

6. Build up your confidence level so you aren’t afraid of making mistakes while practicing new tricks on your skateboard!

If you are confident with your skateboarding skills, you can ride it wherever without the worry of making mistakes. Besides, confidence will help you to continuously practice the new techniques and tricks until you are perfect.


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