Easy Guide to Write a Press Release for a Startup

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This is an easy guide to write a press release for your Start up: –

• What is your Special Angle?

This means what is the special angle which you are offering to the customer. Is it self-improvement or is it money saving or is it better health. There has to be a hook as with the information explosion people don’t really have time enough to read about your start up unless they find a point of interest or something which they can use.

Thus create a special angle and a hook point so that more and more readers are attracted to your press release and you should also submit press release to leading Press release submission website to get better outreach and awareness and thus your press release becomes a grand success and so does your campaign and company.

Whatever your company is offering should add value to the customer in some way. Only then will your press release catch the attention of the target audience. You should be specific and focus on your core competencies. This way you can very well put your message across and thus make all the relevant parties notice your press release and go for your product or service.

Once the customer sees value in your press release he will definitely visit your website or contact you as we all want good deals and if you are offering a value proposition then definitely many customers will come to you and will go for your products and services. To save time writing and publishing a press release you can use a service like BrandPush.co

Easy Guide to Write a Press Release for a Startup


• Information One Should Include: –

You should talk about how you can help improve the particular angle which you are committed to. For example if you are selling health supplements then you can talk about how they will help you stay healthy and so on.

The next is social proof. This should clarify and emphasize on the point why a journalist or reporter should go for your press release. You can talk about your success in the past and also about the expertise and experience your team is coming up with and this will give credibility to your campaign.

Also you should remember to write the press release in the third person and not in the second and first person. It should be written as is and be in the third person.

You should also not exaggerate in your press release as that will make it appear unreal and thus the journalist will not take it seriously.

A journalist will only skim through your press release and will not spend more than 30 seconds reading your press release. Thus you should write a short crisp and precise press release which does not exceed 400 words or two pages.

You should not go overboard while writing your press release. You should be to the point and try to make it an easy read and also make it simple and interesting so that the reader feels like reading it and does not run away in case it is too lengthy or big to read.

You should focus on quality and not quantity in your press release and then definitely your press release will be an outstanding success after you submit press release or send your crisp quality press release to journalists interested in your niche.

• How to Write a Good Press Release for a Startup: –

Your press release should include:

  1. A headline
  2. A sub heading
  3. Date and time
  4. First para should include a summary of the company and the 5 W’s and H
  5. The second para should expand and explain in detail about your company and what it does
  6. The 3rd and 4th para should include what value your company can add to its clients
  7. The 5th para can have a quote and should give the companies perspective
  8. Next is Boilerplate where you give an about us of the company
  9. Lastly there should be the contact details of your company.

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