Do Car Rentals Actually Make Sense Over Buying?

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India has grown significantly in the acceptance terms of the renting industry. More and more people prefer renting not only apartments these days but also the biggest category to be a part of this huge market are Cars, especially to rent a car these days has been in preference mostly for short or long road trips by most millennial and families for quite some time but now it has made its way into the daily segment as well. People are opting for renting a car rather than go all out at once and invest in buying one or even getting one on an EMI because most only need it for a short period of time and renting makes more sense as it comes with no liabilities of maintaining the car on your own as the same service is provided by the portal that you are picking the service from.

Do Car Rentals Actually Make Sense Over Buying

Now getting a car on rent is completely a personal choice. If you got the money then by all means go ahead and purchase the car of your dreams but if you belong to the bigger lot who have a hard time saving their hard earned money but still want to experience the luxury of having a car, and mostly for a shorter period of time then car bookings is what you should be looking for.

So how does renting a car actually works? Here we break it down:

renting a car

Usually you have the option to get a car on rent starting from a single day to a full month to a whole year or two, it all depends on the service provider you have picked according to your needs because if you are new to a city and would only be saying there for let’s say a year or maybe only a few months, you wouldn’t want to invest in such a huge liability because the whole headache of maintaining the car from time to time would be all on you and it would create a havoc so when you rent, all of this already taken care of in advance and hence car rentals are considered to be a smart decision since you literally get to experience the car model you prefer as your own and the maintenance is taken care of by the company in the agreement.

When you opt for a loan for your car, the EMIs are generally way higher than once would be able to afford as a newbie in the job world, so if you are young and can’t afford the huge cost of monthly EMIs then getting a car on rent makes much more sense it is usually much lesser than the EMIs and fits right in the budget, hence it acts as an advantage especially for young adults.

Renting from certain service providers also comes with stress-free maintenance along with pick up and drop facility at a minimal charge.

Why Car Rentals are beneficial?

Why Car Rentals are beneficial

If you have shifted to a new city, all on your own or if you don’t have anyone else from the family who can use the car apart from yourself then car rentals can be great because you wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle of finding a dealer for a good resale value for your new car, and why even invest in a car if you are going to stay just for a few months or even a whole year, it’s just too much effort so instead you can just go for car booking and return the car once the tenure ends, simple as that.

You get to pick from numerous options of cars available on rent, there are car hire service providers who also provide premium cars like Mercedes and limo for special occasions so it’s all up to you to decide what to pick from. Just imagine driving a new car every few months, there’s nothing more thrilling than that.

The amount that you pay for car hire is way less than what you pay for during the EMIs in a loan agreement for the same car, if you have a hard time maintaining monthly budget then you should definitely consider tenure based rentals and the biggest perk is that you get to drive around in luxurious cars that would have been hard otherwise.

The most beneficial aspect of trying to rent a car is that there is next to no maintenance cost, all the monthly or yearly maintenance according to your tenure or whenever required by the consumer is taken care of by the service provider as the additional services when the consumer rents a car from the said provider.


Now the biggest question that arises after considering all the benefits of renting a car is that which service provider to pick from when you rent a car –

There are plenty of players in the Indian rental market but the most preferred ones would be Zoomcar, eco rent a car, urbandrive and even Rentickle.



Rentickle – Rentickle is the renowned online furniture rental portal which provides furniture, appliances, and other home furnishing essentials on rent. It has also started offering premium range of cars and bikes and when you rent a car or bike it also provides additional benefits like free maintenance etc.



Zoomcar – Zoomcar is a self-driven car company headquartered in Bangalore, India. The company was founded in 2013 by David Back and Greg Moran.


Eco Rent-a-Car

Eco Rent-a-Car – Established in 1996 with a fleet of few cars in New Delhi, the company now operates a fleet of cars & vehicles across cities in India



UrbanDrive – The Company provides an opportunity to try out different cars & Bikes – even aspirational one’s without having to own one yourself is something that should motivate you to try Urban Drive.

All the above mentioned companies provide car rentals on a tenure based subscription according to customer’s needs.

Our personal preference would be Rentickle, only for the fact the prices provided them for car booking are by far the lowest per kilometer, which is highly beneficial. Also going by the collection they tend to have a wide variety of car hire curation in their listings.

Rentickle also seem to provide a pick up and drop facility at a minimal cost which is such a hassle free addition to the benefits.

However, before considering any service provider one should definitely make up their mind about the whole renting segment and how it would be beneficial for their own lifestyle, because it is a perfect fit for those who are looking out for affordable options for a shorter period of time and would love to drive new cars every few months while still maintaining their budget.

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