Class 10 Science Important Preparation Tips & Tricks

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Every year Central Board of Secondary Education or the so-called CBSE conducts class 10 board examinations that are among the most important exams of your life. Therefore you have to be extra careful, as your small mistake may cause a loss of your crucial one year. Therefore, I am writing down some tricks and tips that will help you in scoring good marks in your Class 10 Science Exam.

Class 10 Science Important Preparation Tips & Tricks

Every year CBSE conducts board examinations for 10 students, the one who clears it are promoted to 11th class and those who don’t repeat their class 10 again. Without any doubt proper preparation is necessary for scoring good marks. In Science, mugging up doesn’t work at all, you need to crack the concept to score good marks. The reference books you choose play a very important role in your preparation, hence we recommend these best Class 10 Science books.

Your Class 10 Science exam basically consists of two parts. Board examination or the writing part for 80 marks and internal assessment for 20 marks. The 80 marks includes a 3 hour paper that you’ll attempt sitting in the examination hall. The rest 20 includes marks from your notebooks, assignments, school examinations, discipline etc.

You should be familiar with the paper pattern and unit wise class 10 Science syllabus & weightage before appearing in the exam. The paper pattern of the Science question paper will be as follows:

According to the latest pattern, there would be a total of 30 questions in your Class 10 Science exam divided into 3 sections. Section A will have 14 objective/Fillup type questions carrying 1 mark each. The Section B of your science paper will have 10 very short answer type questions carrying 3 marks each. Section C will would be the lengthy one having long answer type questions carrying 5 marks each. Unit Wise Science Syllabus & Weightage is given in the table below :

Unit Nos. Unit Name Marks
1.Chemical Substances25
2.World Of Living23
3.Natural Phenomena12
4.Effects Of Current 13
5.Natural Resources 07
Internal Assessment20
Total Total 100

CBSE 10th Physics Strategy

Best way to study physics is to divide it into two steps. First is to crack the concepts and then crack the questions. Make sure you are ready to face plenty of formula-based questions from your Chapters and obviously theorem-based questions too in your class 10 Science Board exam. Electric circuits diagrams and numericals from the electricity chapters are very very important. Chapters like Sources Of Energy are very easy and should never be ignored. Students should keep practicing the numerical questions and revise fundamental concepts regularly throughout the year.

CBSE Class 10 Chemistry Strategy

For some students, it is the easiest subject and for some, chemistry is very hard. In total there are 5 chapters in chemistry, full of chemical reactions and equations to be memorized. Carbon and its compound is a lengthy as well as difficult chapter. You should not ignore even the single line because questions can be asked from each and every line. The periodic classification of elements chapter is equally important as other chapters. Students should keep practicing questions, balancing the equations and revising fundamental concepts regularly throughout the year.

CBSE 10th Biology Strategy

Biology of class 10 is very interesting as it basically deals with human physiology. Chapters like life processes and reproduction in living organisms. You can expect questions from each and every line of your NCERT book. experiments in your class 10 Science paper. Biology without diagrams sounds like a room without a window. Hence, you should know how to draw neat and well labelled diagrams. Students should learn all the concepts, all the activities and all the experiments thoroughly because they can ask you anything related to the topic in your exam. Read Biology NCERT again and again thoroughly for better grip over the chapters.


Final Words

Read NCERT books thoroughly and practice questions from previous years question papers. Keep learning, revising and practicing the whole year because consistency is the key to success. Improve your handwriting. Try solving sample papers and previous year papers within 2.5 hours because then only you can complete the real exam in 3 hours. Science is a beautiful subject and requires high quality resources. For your Class 10 CBSE preparation, we want you to have the best study material and hence you should choose these Best Class 10 books

“Everything Is Theoretically Impossible Until It Is Accomplished. Best of Luck for your Class 10 exam 🙂


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